11 Fun Slumber Party Ideas for Adults

Adult slumber parties are making a comeback with creative themes like book club, game night, movie marathon, spa night, and wine and cheese night. Plan a cozy, themed night with appropriate food and activities, catering to various preferences and group sizes of six to 10 guests.

Growing up as a kid, one of the best parts about the weekends (well, besides it being the weekend) was sleepovers and slumber parties with friends. There was nothing better than ordering pizzas, watching movies, and staying up as late as you could talking into the wee hours of the morning.

You may think that now, as an adult, sleepovers have to stop. But here’s the thing—they don’t. You can still throw an adult sleepover or slumber party, no matter how old you are. Adult slumber parties are in right now, so we’re sharing some of the best ways to host the ultimate sleepover with your friends.

From birthday slumber party ideas for adults to Halloween slumber party ideas for adults, there’s literally an adult slumber party idea out there for you and your crew.

Slumber party ideas for adults

Looking for some adult slumber party ideas? Here are 11 slumber party ideas for adults.

1. Around the world

Sally Gibson, founder of Someone Sent You a Greeting, a holiday/celebration/party planning website, suggests some great slumber party ideas for adults. One of them is an around-the-world theme party featuring various international cuisines, decorations, and music that transport guests to different destinations without leaving the comfort of their pajamas.

2. Bachelorette

Celebrating a bride-to-be who prefers to keep things casual, chill, and low-key? One of the best adult slumber party ideas for such an occasion is to host a bachelorette-themed slumber party. Talk about one of the greatest slumber party ideas for adults! Get the bachelorette a bride-to-be sash (maybe even a crown) and fill the night with some fun bachelorette slumber party games everyone will enjoy.

3. Birthday party

One of the easiest adult slumber party ideas is to make it birthday party-themed. Whether it’s your birthday, someone else’s birthday, or you’re celebrating everyone all at once, some birthday slumber party ideas for adults will include the basics. Think of things like balloons, banners, and birthday hats. Be sure to have a big birthday cake baked up or make individual-sized cakes for multiple birthday celebrations. You can also pick up a tray of birthday cupcakes to keep it super simple. Oh, and don’t forget the candles. Make a wish!

4. Book club

If you and your monthly book club want to mix it up, then channel your usual book club meeting and turn it into a one-of-a-kind adult slumber party. Recreate iconic beverages and foods mentioned in the book, then gather together for a night of deep discussion. If the book was turned into a movie, watch it afterward and discuss the differences between the book and the movie and what everyone liked or disliked.

5. DIY

Some other adult slumber party ideas or slumber party ideas for adults include a DIY night. Whether it’s arts and crafts, beading elevated friendship bracelets, candle making, or recreating anything DIY you and your crew have seen online, make that next adult slumber party a DIY night complete with the ultimate do-it-yourself activities and projects.

6. Game night

If you and your friends are all about games, then choose a board game or casino night for one of those adult slumber party ideas. Set up all of your favorite board games, card games, and potentially even casino games. You can keep it pajama-themed or have everyone dress up for cocktails and mocktails like they’re hitting up the Las Vegas strip for a night of fun.

7. Halloween or holiday

Some other great adult slumber party ideas include hosting a holiday-themed slumber party. Although any holiday will do, consider some super fun ones like Galentine’s Day, Christmas in July, and Halloween. Some Halloween slumber party ideas for adults may include a caramel apple-making station, pumpkin carving, and some scary spooky movie marathons. Boo!

8. Movie marathon

OK, so birthday slumber party ideas for adults and Halloween slumber party ideas for adults may be great, but so are these slumber party ideas for adults: a movie marathon night or TV series all-nighter. Select your favorite movies or television shows and host an adult slumber party with these playing all night long. Take it one step further and have everyone dress up as their favorite character or simply sport pajamas and pop the popcorn for a night of viewing fun.

9. Nostalgia

If you’re looking for some other slumber party ideas for adults, why not channel the vibes of childhood and throw a throwback, old-school, nostalgia-themed adult slumber party? Gather together all of the things you used to do at slumber parties as a young kid growing up. Bust out the board games, bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies while eating the cookie dough straight from the tub, find your favorite throwback slumber party snacks, order some pizzas, set up the ultimate snack table, and throw in a classic VHS tape or DVD to one of your favorite films growing up. You may even prank call some friends, partners, or spouses. You know, just for old times’ sake.

10. Spa night

Everyone is super busy these days, so take a load off with a spa-themed slumber party. Have guests bring their favorite bathrobe and softest pair of slippers, then greet them with a refreshing fruit-infused water station. Set up different types of spa appointments including facials, foot rubs, manicures, pedicures, and massages. Ahhh…don’t you feel relaxed already?

11. Wine and cheese night

Calling all wine and cheese connoisseurs. Some other slumber party ideas for adults include a wine and cheese night. Gather a variety of wines and cheeses that pair well together and have a sommelier-themed slumber party. If you and your crew all have a sweet tooth, then consider making it desserts instead of cheese. But really, “wine” choose one when you can have both?

The bottom line: Remember, sleep is essential. So after all that fun, make sure to get cozy and curl up on a comfortable mattress under a set of soft sheets so you can get your best night of sleep ever. And if you need ideas on setting up a cozy sleep space for all your friends, here are guest room ideas for a great night’s sleep.


How can I determine the appropriate number of guests for an adult slumber party?

Gibson recommends aiming for a manageable group of six to 10 guests, which should allow everyone to interact and bond while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. “Make sure you have a comfortable environment, though, and consider the available space and sleeping accommodations,” she says.

What kind of food and drink options should I consider for an adult slumber party?

The kind of food and drink options for your adult slumber party can vary depending on the slumber party theme you select. Menu items can be as basic as a birthday cake or as classy as a wine and cheese tray or as nostalgic as ordering delivery pizzas and baking up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Whatever you decide, be sure to have a variety of options so guests with all dietary restrictions and lifestyles can find something delicious to eat and enjoy.

What are some good sleepover activities?

Sleepover activities can include any activities you and your guests prefer. Some ideas include arts and crafts, board games, book discussions, DIY-ing, holiday-themed activities and projects, movie watching, or spa treatments. Maybe all of the above. You can also just sit around and catch up over a good glass of wine and conversation.

How do you plan a pajama party for adults?

According to Gibson, planning a successful adult slumber party involves a few key steps. First, begin by choosing a theme that appeals to your audience. It could be something like a nostalgic throwback or a sophisticated spa night. Next, create a cozy ambiance with soft lighting and comfortable seating. Keep the food and drinks simple and cater to various preferences. You’ll want a mix of savory and sweet options. Lastly, decide on some engaging activities like movie screenings or DIY spa treatments to keep the night entertaining and memorable.

Another great adult slumber party idea? Host a sleep retreat! Get our best tips for having a sleep retreat right at home.

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