How to Choose the Best Bedroom Bench

A bedroom bench adds functionality and style. It provides extra storage and seating and enhances visual appeal. Types include upholstered, tufted, wooden, and storage benches. Match the bench to your bed frame, consider the room’s style, and use it to add color or pattern. Maintain with care, especially light fabrics.

Many furniture pieces can make a bedroom more functional, like a nightstand to hold all your bedtime essentials and a dresser so you can get ready in the morning more easily.

But perhaps you haven’t considered a bench for the bedroom as another furniture option. Bedroom benches at the end of a bed can be a great idea, especially if you need extra storage.

“I love to add texture and pattern to a bedroom with a bench at the end of the bed,” says Grey Joyner, interior designer.

When you have the space, a bedroom bench—even a slim bench the height of your bed frame—can provide another place to sit, says Joyner.

A bedroom bench can also complement the materials in the room when you use a contrasting color, trim, or texture, she adds.

“A bedroom bench is a versatile piece of furniture that shouldn’t be overlooked for any bedroom,” says Joyner. Ahead, we’ll explore how to choose the best bedroom bench for your sleep space.

Types of bedroom benches

Upholstered benches

These types of benches can serve as a soft spot to sit as you put on your shoes or take a breather. They can be upholstered in materials like velvet or linen.

Tufted benches

These are upholstered benches but with a little extra dose of style, seen through button-tufted upholstery.

Wooden benches

If you’re looking to add some rustic warmth to your sleeping space, then consider a wooden bench. For some extra ambiance, aim to find one at an antique store.

Storage benches

Perhaps the most versatile of the bedroom bench options, a bedroom storage bench often has a lid that hinges and can hold linens, pillows, and other items you’d like to have within reach in your bedroom.

Benefits of having a bedroom bench


As we mentioned, storage is one of the biggest benefits of having an end-of-bed bench. Not only does it act as an additional form of seating in your bedroom but it can also hide items away.


Use your bedroom bench as seating. “It allows for more seating and for placing a throw or decorative pillow for additional layering and visual interest in a bedroom,” notes Joyner.

Visual appeal

A bedroom bench can help your sleeping space to look more “finished” and “polished.” Joyner says she loves to introduce extra upholstered pieces in a bedroom to add softness, especially when some of the other furniture is wood, metal, or leather.

How to choose the best bedroom bench

Match your bench to your bed frame

When sifting through benches for the end of your bed, start by considering your bed frame, suggests Joyner. Ask yourself: How will the bench look when paired with the bed frame?

Ponder the room’s vibe

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the bench fits within the overall style of the room, says Joyner.

Consider color scheme

“From there, find a few benches within your color scheme and that make you feel the most at ease, visually,” Joyner recommends. “After all, you want to feel grounded and comfortable in your bedroom—and oftentimes, the bench will be the first thing in your eyeline before the bed as it sits in front.”

How to decorate a bedroom bench

Use it as a colorful accent

“If the bedroom is neutral in color, an upholstered bench is a great opportunity to add a pop of color to a space,” Joyner says.

Choose a bold pattern

Another way to add color in an otherwise neutral room is through a bench showcasing a boldly patterned fabric, notes Joyner.

Mix things up

“A bench in the bedroom shouldn’t be the same material as the bed or other pieces of furniture in the room,” Joyner suggests. “Find a material that complements what is already in the space.” Here’s how to mix and match bedroom furniture.

How to care for a bedroom bench

As for maintaining and caring for a bedroom bench, Joyner says a performance fabric is always a great choice since it requires less care and worry.

“If you do opt for a very light-colored fabric, I would just be careful about sitting on it with dark denim, for example, or allowing any materials that may transfer color onto it,” she cautions.

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What is the bench at the end of a bed called?

These types of benches typically go by a couple of different names, like “bedroom bench” or “bed bench.”

What is the point of a bedroom bench?

“A bedroom bench can be solely an accent piece or a practical element of furniture that you sit on to put on your shoes,” Joyner says. “I also think a bedroom bench is a lovely place to put your bed decor pillows when you sleep so they aren’t sitting on the floor.”

What size should a bedroom bench be?

“My recommendation is to have a bedroom bench that is slightly shorter in width than the bed,” says Joyner. “You want to be careful to size the bench in relation to the bed as it can really throw off the room visually if the proportions aren’t quite right.”

Find the best bedroom bench for you at Saatva

Now that we’ve convinced you that a bedroom bench is an outstanding addition to any bedroom, you should know that Saatva offers a variety of bedroom benches that can be used to add a touch of style or bonus storage to your bedroom.


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