6 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

As you look around your bedroom, you may suddenly decide that it’s time for an update.

“Whether it’s needing to upgrade to a new bed, wanting a seasonal refresh, or a desire to accommodate your sleep better, there doesn’t have to be justification for a bedroom makeover in our books,” says Aly Morford, co-founder of Pure Salt Interiors. “It’s all about creating a space that makes you feel good and is functional for your life—and whenever tastes or needs change, so can your design.”

While it’s a good idea to update your bedroom occasionally, there are certain interior design mistakes you should avoid. Your bedroom should feel “calm and relaxing and cozy,” says Leigh Lincoln, co-founder of Pure Salt Interiors. You can achieve that by steering clear of the following six bedroom decorating mistakes.

Mistake #1: Buying a low-priced mattress and bedding

While it’s easy to go trendy with your bedspread or purchase an inexpensive mattress, Lincoln’s number one tip is to invest in a quality mattress and bedding.

“We spend so much time in our beds that it’s crucial to have high-performing staples that stand up to daily use and your comfort,” she says. “We promise it’s worth it in this case—your sleep deserves the investment.”

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Mistake #2: Only focusing on function

You don’t have to sacrifice design when going for function, says Morford. In fact, it’s entirely possible to accomplish both when it comes to your bedroom design.

“Your furniture should perform for your needs while looking beautiful—and that usually means going with classic pieces, like nightstands that are substantial enough to have room for your jewelry, books, glasses, and bedside knickknacks,” she says. “That helps keep the clutter to a minimum and your space feeling calm and serene.”

Mistake #3: Making lighting an afterthought

Many designers agree that thoughtful lighting is essential in any bedroom. For a relaxed atmosphere, Lincoln specifically recommends weaving in warm lighting.

“There are so many ways to achieve this look,” she says. “These can include installing a dimmer, switching out your light bulbs, going with table lamps instead of overhead lighting, or a combination of all three. Setting the right mood is so important when you are winding down for the day, and it will 100% impact your rest.”

Mistake #4: Hanging ho-hum curtains

Although blackout curtains are helpful to use at night when you want to temper the light down and get some shut-eye, these curtains don’t have to be drab. “You can find a luxe look that keeps your room as dim as you want without heavy drapery that weighs down your windows,” says Morford.

For their designs, Morford and Lincoln lean toward a combination of shades and drapes, an approach that Morford says results in “a soft and elegant look that functions.”

Mistake #5: Skipping decor

Lincoln admits that bedrooms can be “the most difficult rooms to style,” noting that besides bedding, it can be tough to think about appropriate decor for the space. This can cause many bedrooms to lack personality and style.

Art and greenery are the two things you can never go wrong with in any room, so these are good places to start for your bedroom, says Lincoln. (Here are the best plants to place in your bedroom.)

“Gallery walls are fun throughout a home, but a bedroom can be an opportunity to display more personal photos and family moments—and nothing completes the look of a well-made bed more than a beautiful, framed piece above it,” she adds.

Mistake #6: Leaving out a rug

Even if you have a carpeted bedroom, it can be helpful—and cozy—to add a rug or two to your space.

“When it comes to floors, we love showcasing beautiful flooring as much as anyone, but a well-placed rug in a rich textile cozies up a space more effectively and beautifully than an entire room redesign,” Morford says. “Layering a rug can visually insulate the space and give an opportunity to subtly play with pattern and color to help tie all the design elements in your space together.”

Once you’ve decorated your bedroom, it’s time to master the art of making your bed. Avoid these bed-making mistakes and you’ll be on your way to a bed that looks inviting and feels oh-so-comfortable.

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