What Color Sheets Are Best for Sleeping?

Choosing the right color for your sheets can impact your sleep quality, creating a peaceful atmosphere before bedtime. Good options include white for simplicity, black for a cocoon-like feeling, gray for soothing neutrality, blue for stress reduction, and green for calming effects. However, the best color ultimately depends on individual preferences.

You’re likely already aware that it can be helpful, and soothing, to choose a comfortable material for your sheets. But it’s a good idea to also pay attention to the hue of your sheets since color can have an impact on your ability to sleep. That’s why interior designers often recommend painting your bedroom a tranquil color that encourages sleep, such as gray or blue.

Why the color of your sheets is important

Interior designer Dawn Bane points out that the color will only directly impact your sleep as you set the scene for a night’s rest. As soon as you turn out the lights, the sheet color won’t impact your Z’s—it’s all about creating a peaceful feel as you snuggle on in to read a book or breathe in some aromatherapy before officially drifting off to dreamland.

The color of your sheets is also important if you’re trying to nap in a brightly lit room or if you’re a night-shift worker who’s catching some sleep during the day.

“A neon or bright sheet may be more of a visual stimulant than a lighter or softer counterpart, so darker colors or neutral colors may be more calming,” Bane says.

In addition to the color, Bane emphasizes the importance of choosing sheets that feel good against your skin.

“Sleep is so personal, and we all have different preferences,” she says. “Some look for cooling sheets while others look for flannel sheets to be extra-warm.”

These individual needs can also carry over to the color of your sheets.

“I believe this would be personal regarding color as well,” Bane observes. “Some need a darker space, while some need a brighter or stark space.”

While it ultimately depends on what atmosphere you prefer for your bedtime as you prepare for shuteye, there are some colors that are more calming than others. Ahead, we’ll explore which sheet colors are best for sleep.

Best color sheets for sleep

When it comes to the best sheet color for sleep, there are several options you can choose from. Bane reiterates that this is less important during a nighttime, dark setting and more important if you’re trying to sleep in a brightly lit room during the daytime. Also, keep these colors in mind as you wind down for your bedtime routine.


White is generally associated with feelings of simplicity and purity, which has been further confirmed through scientific study. Bane adds that white sheets will keep things feeling “fresh and clean,” something that many of us like to feel as we hit the sheets.


Do you ever notice how being in a room with a black accent wall or black furniture makes you feel like you’re in a cocoon? If you’d like to achieve that cozy, cocoon-like feeling every night when you go to bed, opt for black sheets. Bane says black sheets will allow for “a dark and somber mood, which may make you sleepier.” These vibes have been additionally confirmed through study.


Whether it’s a cloudy day or the color of the sea during dreary weather, gray tends to be a very soothing color. Cool colors in general have been found to be calming, according to research. Bane calls gray a neutral “that would neutralize the room surroundings.”


Blue is one of the top colors for lowering stress and blood pressure. In fact, as research notes, the color blue actually can cause the body to produce calming chemicals. And since Bane says this hue is “often associated with rest,” it makes for an ideal color for your sheets.


Color psychology takes a closer look at how certain colors affect our moods—and studies have found that green has certain calming effects on the nervous system. For instance, in research that’s been done on color marketing, the color green calms customers and encourages leisurely dining in restaurants. Why is green so soothing? Because it “brings nature in,” explains Bane, which can help you relax.

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What color sheets are best for sleep?

So, is there a best bed sheet color for sleep? Well, no. Not really. It depends upon your personal preference and what feels best in your bedroom. “I would choose a sheet that blends in nicely with the surrounding space,” Bane says. “I don’t think there is one best option.”

Do darker sheets help you sleep better?

Bane says darker-hued sheets may help those with overactive minds sleep better. So if you have a hard time settling down to sleep, then consider darker sheets.

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