How to Choose the Best Pillow for Sex

We talk all the time about how to pick a pillow that will enhance your sleep experience. But it turns out the right pillow can also go a long way toward boosting your sex life.

“[Pillows] can make up for height differences by giving hips a lift,” explains Gigi Engle, certified sexologist and author of All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life. “This can make sex more comfortable and pleasurable.”

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best pillow for your sex life.

Best sex pillow

Of course, ordinary bed pillows can be put to use when the heat is on, but they aren’t ideal for the task at hand. “You definitely want something that has more body in it,” says Engle. “A flatter pillow won’t give you much lift.”

Sex pillow shape

Engle says the best pillows for sex are usually wedge-shaped to allow for more versatile use. As Stella Harris, sex coach and author, tells Bustle, “A wedge under the hips can make sex more enjoyable for people with different degrees of mobility, and sometimes it makes new positions possible.”

Companies like Dame and Liberator sell wedge pillows specifically designed for sex, most clocking in at around $100. These pillows are engineered to support your neck, side, and other body parts that could use a little propping up while you’re getting down.

Keep in mind that some of these wedge pillows are too bulky to tuck away discreetly. If you don’t have the storage room, you may want to consider investing in an inflatable wedge pillow for sex to save on space. (Bonus: Inflatable wedge pillows tend to be a little cheaper.)

Besides the wedge pillow, another great option for sex is a contoured pillow. It provides a less steep incline than a wedge, along with a dip that makes a comfortable spot for someone’s knees. There are even contoured pillows made with ventilated foam to keep things less sweaty when the heat rises.

You may get more use out of a contoured pillow than you would a wedge. Contoured pillows that are ergonomically designed to support you during sex also promote proper spinal alignment during sleep.

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Sex pillow material

Not all pillow materials are well-suited for sex—and some are better than others. “Memory foam is my preferred medium for these [sex] pillows,” says Engle, “because it’s very easy on the joints, and the pillow keeps its shape and integrity no matter how much weight or pressure you put on it.”

Sex pillow cover

Regardless of pillow shape and material, it’s a good idea to choose a sex pillow with a removable microfiber cover to make cleanup easy. “You want to be sure there is a removable cover so that you can toss it in the wash after sex,” says Engle.

Now you know how to find the best sex pillow—but what about your mattress? Here’s how to choose the best mattress for sex.

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