How to Incorporate Bouclé Furniture Into Your Bedroom

Bouclé fabric, a textured material created through a special weaving process, is popular for its cozy and elegant appeal. It's versatile and works well with neutral color schemes. Bouclé is commonly used in bedroom furniture like headboards, chairs, benches, and pillows. Cleaning involves brushing or following specific care instructions depending on the material composition.

There are so many fabrics to choose from when it comes to furniture, but some are more popular than others these days. One such fabric is bouclé.

Bouclé fabric is definitely having a moment right now, and for good reason. Ahead, we’ll explore everything you need to know about bouclé and how to incorporate this material into your bedroom for a trendy look.

What is bouclé?

So, what is bouclé fabric? As Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design explains, the term “bouclé” comes from the French word “boucler,” which means, “to curl.”

“Bouclé is a textured fabric created through a special weaving process which creates loops or curls in the fabric,” explains Watts, who has her own line of bouclé fabrics. “Bouclé can be made of wool, cotton, synthetic blends, or a combination of materials.”

“Bouclé is a textured fabric created through a special weaving process which creates loops or curls in the fabric. Bouclé can be made of wool, cotton, synthetic blends, or a combination of materials.”

Nadia Watts, interior designer

Why bouclé is trending

Watts believes bouclé brings comfort and coziness without being overbearing and bulky.

“People want to feel comforted in their homes, and bouclé is the perfect material to create that sense of snug,” she says. “Bouclé is very versatile—it feels at home in both modern and historical settings.”

Plus, it works well in tonal and neutral color schemes, says Watts. “It offers texture and depth to an otherwise analogous scheme,” she adds.

Benefits of bouclé

“Bouclé is soft, warm, and durable without being bulky,” Watts emphasizes. “It has a timeless aesthetic and adds a touch of elegance.”

It’s also a practical choice, notes Watts. “Bouclé is durable and long-lasting, so you get the sophistication as well as the practicality,” she says.

Drawbacks of bouclé

Although bouclé certainly sounds like a dreamy fabric, there are some negative aspects to consider.

For instance, Watts says the resulting weave of bouclé can be weighty, so it’s not the best choice for drapery or dainty upholstery. “If you are looking for a light, flowy fabric, bouclé is not your match,” she says.

She adds that the nubbiness of bouclé can be challenging with pets, especially ones who might scratch. “The loops and texture of bouclé make for an easy target for cat and dog claws alike,” she says.

Types of bouclé furniture

There are several bouclé fabric furniture options you can consider for your bedroom:

  • Headboard and bed: Because bouclé is naturally cozy, it’s ideal for the bedroom and specifically for the bed. “Bouclé is also the perfect complement to your clean, crisp bedding, bringing a hint of texture and depth to your sleeping sanctuary,” says Watts.
  • Chair: Who doesn’t like a cozy chair? “Bouclé is the perfect fabric to create that sense of calm, drawing you in and enveloping you in the perfect nubbiness with its rich texture and soft hand,” says Watts.
  • Bench: A bench is a functional way to add more seating to your bedroom and balance out the sleeping area, notes Watts. “It’s also a great opportunity to bring in texture and a pop of color,” she says. “Benches, with their clean lines and simplicity, are the perfect furniture item to house bouclé.”
  • Pillows: Pillows are a quick way to bring in bouclé without having to redesign your entire bedroom, says Watts. “Adding pops of colorful bouclé allows you to bring in warmth through both color and texture,” she says. “Consider adding bouclé into your bedding scheme, especially if you have introduced bouclé elsewhere, like through the corner chair or bench.” Bringing in another layer of bouclé adds cohesion and makes everything look purposeful, says Watts.

The best bouclé furniture for your bedroom

Merano Bed Frame

Inspired by the charming and cozy Italian town where it takes its name, the Merano bed frame reimagines the sleigh bed silhouette with its gently angled headboard and footboard.

The best bouclé furniture for your bedroom

Crete Bed Frame

As eye-catching as the Greek isle it’s named after, the Crete bed frame boasts an iconic, oversized silhouette that stands out from the ordinary.

How to incorporate bouclé furniture for your bedroom

Integrate color

Although bouclé often appears in shades of white and cream, you can also opt for colorful bouclé fabric to provide bold accents in your bedroom. For example, Watts turns to the vibrant bouclé fabrics in her own collection to represent color and texture in a bedroom.

“The richly hued colors including citrine, navy blue, and deep teal offer the perfect glimpse of glam,” she says.

Punch up your bedding

Bedding can be fairly straightforward, but bouclé is a way to weave color and texture into your sleeping area. Whether you go with a bright color or a shade of white, Watts says bedding, sheets, duvets, and coverlets can benefit from the “excitement” bouclé can add to “an otherwise neutral scheme.”

Punctuate any furniture

For any furniture that isn’t covered in bouclé fabric, consider a bouclé throw pillow. Even a hint of bouclé on the seat of a small chair or ottoman can have a huge impact, says Watts.

How to care for bouclé furniture

So, is bouclé furniture easy to clean? The answer is yes. Watts says one of the many beauties of bouclé is that it can be brushed. “You can revive and refresh the texture of bouclé by gently brushing in the direction of the loops,” she explains. “This will also help remove trapped dust and debris.”

Since bouclé can be made with a variety of materials, Watts says it’s important to read the care instructions. “Depending on what materials your bouclé is made from, you can steam clean, dry clean, spot clean, or brush clean your bouclé,” she says.


What is bouclé furniture?

Inspired by a French word meaning “to curl,” bouclé furniture features a fabric that is highly textured and “nubby,” which can bring visual interest to any sleeping space.

Is bouclé fabric good for furniture?

Yes. “Bouclé is versatile and offers a weightiness without the bulk,” says Watts. “It’s cozy without being heavy, making it the perfect fabric for upholstery.”

Watts adds that bouclé offers texture and depth as well as softness, so it’s comfortable and pleasing to the eye. “And its rich history and sense of elegance offer an elevated look that feels luxurious yet casual,” she says.

What are the disadvantages of bouclé?

Bouclé fabric has two big drawbacks. First of all, since its resulting weave can be rather weighty, it isn’t the best fabric choice for window treatments. And secondly, all that texture can be tempting to your pets’ claws, so it may endure wear if you have a cat or dog.

Is bouclé high-end?

“The use of bouclé in luxury interior design is a long-standing staple,” says Watts. “Its visual interest and dimension make it stand out and feel luxurious and opulent.”

Find the best bouclé furniture for the bedroom at Saatva

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in bouclé furniture, feel free to check out our bed frames rendered in bouclé fabric.


saatva merano bed frame

A modern take on the traditional sleigh bed

bed frame is a modern take on the sleigh bed, with a gently angled headboard and footboard. Our

saatva crete bed frame

A cozy, oversized platform bed frame that makes a striking statement

bed frame has an oversized silhouette for a striking look.

Both bed frames are available in ivory bouclé and would make a stylish addition to your bedroom.

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