8 Signs Your Bedroom Decor Is Cheugy

"Cheugy" is a term coined by a 23-year-old on TikTok to describe someone who tries too hard to be trendy but misses the mark. It's a playful dig at millennials. There are eight signs your bedroom decor is considered cheugy, including decorative wooden signs, the phrase "live, laugh, love," and owl decor.

If you have to ask what cheugy means, then you’re already too late.

I will not reveal whether or not I had to Google this term to get a true grasp of it the first time I heard it, but if you want to get a real education, just head on over to TikTok.

What does cheugy mean?

As the New York Times reported, that’s where the term was coined by 23-year-old Gabby Rasson, who was trying to come up with a word for someone who tries too hard or who thinks they’re trendy but are truly just missing the mark. But really, it’s a playful dig at millennials. That’s right, Gen Y: Gen Z is taking over, and they’re here to stay.

So you don’t stay out of the loop for too long, we’re breaking down all the home decor trends that are considered cheugy. That way you can update your bedroom if you’re so inclined—or keep it the same if you prefer to embrace your elder millennial status.

Because at the end of the day, if you like something—even if it’s not on-trend—that’s all that matters. And the ultimate sign of being cool is doing whatever you want, after all.

Signs your bedroom decor is cheugy

How do you know if you—and your interior design choices—are actually cheugy?

Go ahead and snuggle into your chevron comforter and sip coffee out of your girlboss mug as you peruse our list of the top eight signs your bedroom decor is most definitely cheugy.

wooden sign with the words
Image via Etsy/UncorkedCraftsCo

You have a decorative wooden sign hanging in your bedroom

The key words here are “decorative” and “sign.” If you need a phrase painted on a slab of wood, it’s pretty much the most cheugy thing you can do. Bonus points if the sign has to do with needing more coffee or wine. We get it—you like your beverages.

picture frame with the words
Image via Neiman Marcus/Mariposa

The words “live, laugh, love” are written somewhere

This is one of the biggest things Gen Z calls cheugy. Do you have a framed photo hanging on your wall with this catchphrase gifted from your mom from five years ago? Yeah, you’re officially cheugy.

coffee mug with #girlboss written on it
Image via Cafepress

You have a girlboss mug on your nightstand

Who else is personally offended by this trend? Luckily, the millennial girlboss aesthetic is totally cheugy and therefore no longer in style. So if you keep a mug with this catchphrase (or any of the number of variations, like boss lady) on your nightstand, then you may want to consider retiring it.

brown ugg slipper
Image via Ugg

You’ve got a pair of Ugg slippers right next to your bed

OK, but what if it’s just really cold outside and you want to feel snuggly? Ugg boots and slippers really did trend longer than anyone ever thought possible—and they’re so cozy, we don’t blame you if you don’t care that they’re not seen as cool by Gen Z.

black and white spotted owl statue
Image via Amazon

You’re obsessed with owl decor

Apparently, millennials are the only ones obsessed with these feathery friends these days. While owls are often associated with witchcraft, Gen Z has moved on to fulfilling their magical needs from #WitchTok instead.

disney magic kingdom poster
Image via Amazon

You’ve got Disney merch all over your bedroom

It makes sense why older millennials love Disney. There was no internet when we were kids, there were only VHS tapes—and we lived on Disney movies. But sadly, the future generations have decided this trend is fully over.

white and grey chevron comforter
Image via Bed Bath & Beyond/Sweet Jojo Designs

You have a chevron-patterned comforter

We hate to break it to you, but chevron-patterned decor screams cheugy. On the plus side, your chevron comforter does match perfectly with your wooden “live, laugh, love” sign. (Which bed frame matches your design style? Learn panel beds vs. platform beds to find out.)

rae dunn planters with the words
Image via Magenta x Rae Dunn

Your bedroom is full of Rae Dunn pottery

This brand of pottery is famous for the stretched black font that spells out phrases like “Be Mine” and “I Woke Up Like This.” If you have a Rae Dunn planter or other pottery in your bedroom, then this is the ultimate sign you’re cheugy.

Want to update your bedroom so it’s no longer cheugy? Check out these popular TikTok interior design trends for inspiration.

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