Take a Peek Into Dracula’s Bedtime Routine

To celebrate Halloween, Dracula shares his bedtime routine and shows off his luxurious bedroom. He enjoys a wave massage on an adjustable bed base and sleeps on a Saatva mattress. Saatva offers high-quality mattreses that come with a 365-night home trial and lifetime warranty.

Happy Halloween! To commemorate the spooky season, we caught up with the world’s most famous vampire, Dracula, to learn all about his killer bedtime routine and get a walk-through of his fang-tastic sleep space.

Dracula’s bedtime routine

How does Dracula wind down after spending hours draining the townsfolk of their vital resources? By enjoying a full-body wave massage on our

adjustable bed base
saatva adjustable base plus
Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

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, of course!

Watch the video below to see his full bedtime routine:

Dracula’s bedroom

How has Dracula outfitted his bedroom to help him sleep better? Spoiler alert: He’s ditched the scary bed in a box for a luxury Saatva mattress.

Take a tour of Drac’s crib in the video below:

Improve your own sleep this Halloween

As you can now see, Dracula is a big fan of Saatva’s high-quality mattresses, bedroom furniture, and sleep accessories.

Whether you’re a human or a vampire, you can improve your own sleep this Halloween by shopping our wide selection of luxury sleep items.

All of our mattresses come with a 365-night home trial, white glove delivery, and a lifetime warranty (even if you’re undead). Take our mattress quiz to find your perfect match.

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