7 Global Interior Design Trends to Bring Into Your Bedroom

Global travel and interior design have always been connected, and now more than ever, interior design trends are being influenced by destinations around the world. From rattan furniture from Asia to light-colored timber from Japan and antique pieces from Europe, these global design trends are being incorporated into bedrooms across the globe. Painted or wallpapered ceilings, vibrant colors, and textured throws and rugs from countries like Peru and Vietnam are also becoming popular. Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles are trending, with a move toward minimalism. Saatva offers globally-inspired bedroom furniture and accessories to help bring these trends into any home.

Design and travel have more in common than you think. Both rely heavily on personal taste combined with a bit of planning and a dose of bravery. And now, the two are more entwined than ever before.

While people have always used souvenirs, statues, and paintings from their travels to decorate their homes, interior design is trending toward a global influence. From charming antique statement pieces popular in Europe to moody colors inspired by the countries of Africa, these global interior design trends are crossing into kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Here are seven of our favorite interior design trends inspired and influenced by destinations around the globe.

Rattan furniture

Made from a vine found hanging from palms in Asia, this malleable material is used for many things, including weaving. Not to be confused with wicker, which is a style of weaving, rattan has been popular in Asia for decades. These stylish and elegant rattan patterns are commonly found on chairs and, now, headboards, both easy to incorporate into your space. Apart from being beautiful, rattan is an easy way to add warmth and a slightly tropical feel to your bedroom.

Light timber

Japan has long been a powerhouse when it comes to setting design trends. This island nation is known for its beautiful design aesthetic, from low-platform beds to understated minimalism. And among its most popular is light-colored timber. Whether it be timber flooring, nightstands, or a bed frame, light-colored wood adds a soft, fresh, and airy feeling to any contemporary bedroom.

Antique pieces

Who doesn’t love a good statement piece? Antiques are the perfect antidote to a boring bedroom. For interior designers around the globe, England and France offer a treasure trove of unique and often historic pieces to add a bit of fun and flare to any bedroom. If you can’t hop across the pond, area estate sales and antique shops are the next best thing. Whether it be an over-the-top chaise lounge or an ornate chest of drawers, these antique items are sure to add a touch of “wow” to your bedroom.

Painted ceilings

This design trend is taking off in our own backyard. Homes across the country are incorporating painted or wallpapered ceilings into their design. We’re not talking about murals or just a plain coat of white. Instead, allow the color of your bedroom to carry onto the ceiling, or choose a fun and whimsical wallpaper to grace your ceiling instead. Not only is it a budget-friendly option to add a touch of elegance above your bed, but it’s more visually exciting too.

Vibrant colors

Gone are the days of choosing between eggshell or daisy white. Color is here to stay, and vivid and bold shades are becoming the style of choice for bedrooms. From deep reds found in the spice markets of Morocco to the sands of the Serengeti and the bright rowhouses of Cape Town, vibrant colors seen across Africa serve as the perfect inspiration for new and exciting bedroom paints.

Texture, texture, texture

Linens, throws, rugs, you name it—adding layers and textures is in. Hand-woven throws made in countries like Peru, Bolivia, Laos, and Vietnam add stunning pops of patterns to your bed. And genuine sheepskin rugs from cold-weather Iceland and the Faroe Islands are back in style. These globally and ethically sourced items are an ideal way to zhush up your bedroom while supporting local communities. Perfect as a floor rug or on top of your comforter, these textured pieces won’t just look great; they’ll keep you warm too.

Find the perfect globally-inspired bedroom rug at Saatva

Terna Rug

The lively geometric pattern on our Terna rug adds interest to any contemporary space. Its ultra-plush & durable hand-tufted construction creates an eye-catching pattern that ties the room together.

Navi Rug

The hand-loomed Navi area rug boasts a soft, inviting texture that feels great against the feet. Its plush, textural design is durably trimmed with flatwoven heathered edges.

Adamas Rug

The subtle yet captivating diamond trellis pattern on the Adamas flatweave wool area rug imbues a distinct elegance to any bedroom.


Which countries have the most beautiful interior design?

This is another wonderful thing that travel and design have in common; it’s subjective. So while someone may love the Scottish highlands and tartan, others may find the country too rainy and the pattern too traditional. The best way to find the answer to this question is to travel and travel often.

Japanese interior design is always trending as is Scandinavian design. Soft timbers, sleek, clean lines, and understated elegance are supremely popular. When it comes to interior design, we’re sensing a move toward minimalism, and we’re not mad.

Find globally-inspired bedroom furniture and accessories at Saatva

Bring your favorite interior design trends from around the world into your bedroom with Saatva’s globally-inspired bedroom furniture and accessories. From

Scandinavian-inspired platform bed frames
saatva copenhagen bed frame

A striking Scandinavian-inspired platform bed frame


textured rugs in lively geometric patterns
saatva terna rug
Terna Handcrafted Bedroom

A dimensional area rug brimming with global-inspired style

, there’s something to suit every style.

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