Should You Tip Your Mattress Delivery Person?

When buying a new mattress, the often-overlooked final step is crucial: delivery. Learn the importance of tipping mattress delivery personnel and guidelines for the amount. Experts suggest tipping $5 to $25 per person based on service quality, complexity, and additional tasks like old mattress removal. Tipping is a gesture of appreciation for their hard work and care.

There are a lot of steps involved in buying a new mattress. One of those steps—the final step before you can begin enjoying your new mattress—is the delivery.

It may not be top of your mind, but getting your mattress from the online or brick-and-mortar store where you bought it, into your bedroom, is a hugely important step. That’s why it’s important to know exactly how to handle the delivery process—including understanding why, where appropriate, and how much to tip the delivery people.

Carrying large bulky mattresses, often up one or more stairways, is physically taxing work. And that’s only after finding your way to the home, navigating any road or driveway hassles, dealing with whatever the weather might be, and watching the clock to keep on track with delivery schedules. If you want your new mattress set up or the old one hauled away, then that’s even more time and work.

Given the different aspects of delivery to consider, it’s not surprising that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all recommended tip amount for every aspect of your mattress delivery. But we’ve gathered some good guidelines from moving and delivery experts around the country and across the sea.

This article will explore everything you need to know about tipping your mattress delivery person(s).

Should you tip a mattress delivery person?

The short answer is, yes. Nick Valentino, vice president of market operations for Bellhop Atlanta Movers, says, “Yes, it’s generally expected to tip any specialty delivery services, including mattress delivery.”

He explains, “Like many other tipped jobs, delivery workers get a significant portion of their income from tips. Especially on large jobs like a mattress, this can amount to a large fraction of their daily income.”

Grant Lewis, owner of UK-based Dream HQ, says tipping your mattress mover, while not required, is “a kind gesture that acknowledges their hard work and the care they take in handling your new snooze pad.” He adds, “These delivery pros often lug heavy items, navigate tricky spaces, and ensure your mattress arrives in mint condition.” Tipping, Lewis says, is “about showing appreciation for their muscle and meticulousness.”

Ryan Carrigan, founder and CEO of MoveBuddha, puts it like this: “While there isn’t any compulsory norm that you should tip a mattress delivery guy, the amount of effort and load they’re carrying with those heavy mattresses, tipping them might compensate for the extra effort they’re putting in for your convenience.”

How much should you tip a mattress delivery person?

Carrigan says the amount of your tip should depend on different delivery criteria. “One simple answer would be, the better the service the bigger the tip should be,” he says, adding that the norm is $5 to $25 per person. “Starting from $5, your tipping amount should increase with floors, using stairs rather than elevators, and also taking back the old mattress with them.”

If they bring the mattress upstairs in a multi-story apartment, then Carrigan says $10 to $15 per person is appropriate. He adds that, beyond cash, you could offer them food, refreshments, or coupons.

Lewis recommends adding another $5 to $10 per person for old mattress removal or setup of the new mattress.

Marshall Aikman, owner of Amazing Moves in Denver, Colo., says, “The amount you should tip depends on the quality of service received and your budget, with a suggested range of $5 to $40 in the US. If the mattress delivery person went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery, a higher tip may be appropriate.”

Mattress delivery tipping etiquette

As with other services that are followed by tipping, you offer your tip to a moving delivery person at the end of their delivery service.

“Tipping is a personal gesture of appreciation for a job well done, says Aikman. “While there is no strict rule for mattress tipping etiquette, it’s always courteous to show your gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the delivery team.”

Dream HQ’s Lewis advises to “gauge the service” in determining whether and how much to tip. “More sweat and stairs? More dollars,” he says.

Same for what he calls “tough traverses” when there are complicated delivery challenges. On the other hand, Lewis says of “service snafus” that “If they’ve made your day more nightmare than dream, feel free to skip the tip.”

It’s best to keep enough cash on hand to tip your mattress delivery people in cash and “avoid awkward scrambles post-delivery,” as Lewis puts it. But there are times we just forget to hit the ATM for cash before it’s needed. Lewis says that even then, “a cool drink, a warm smile, or a rave review can also express your gratitude.”

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Is it customary to tip for mattress delivery?

Although there’s no rule requiring that you tip your mattress delivery people, it’s customary to tip them as a gesture of appreciation for the hard work of moving a mattress, installing it on the bed, and possibly taking away the old mattress too. Tips make up an important part of the delivery folks’ daily income.

How much tip is appropriate for mattress delivery?

There’s no limit to how big a tip you can give if you’re inclined, but there are minimums and averages. The smallest amount should be $5 to $10 per person, increasing in $5 increments depending on the complexity and quality of the delivery service. So $5 to $25 per person is a good range to work within.

Beyond delivery, home trial, returns, and warranty are important policies to consider when purchasing a new mattress. Check out our guide to mattress fine-print policies to learn more.

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