4 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom With Wood Furniture

Decorating a bedroom with wood furniture can be a design challenge due to differing finishes and styles. While wood adds a natural richness and texture, achieving cohesiveness can be tricky. Avoid full matching bedroom sets and opt for a balance of wood finishes for distinctive visual interest. Match your nightstands to anchor the bed and add warmth and balance. Incorporate varied materials and finishes like color lacquer, bone inlay, metal, or raffia to avoid a matchy-matchy look. Complement the wood furniture with the undertone of your wood floor. Timeless wood tones include walnut, burl, rosewood, and olive ash. Light, airy colors can brighten a room with dark wood furniture.

When a material is as classic as wood, you’d think it’d be a cinch to decorate with it in a bedroom. Well, think again. While it can absolutely add a vintage (or even an organic) feel to your sleeping space, between differing finishes and matching to your linens, decorating with wood can pose a design challenge.

Sarah Storms, owner and principal designer of Styled by Storms, first sings the praises of wood, saying, “There is a natural richness and textural change that happens when wood furniture is incorporated. The design instantly feels grounded.”

But to achieve that cohesiveness can be tricky. “It can be challenging to incorporate wood furniture if the overall style of the furniture isn’t matching the vibe you are looking to achieve,” notes Storms.

For example, things may look a bit off if you’re trying to weave old-fashioned Craftsman-style wood furniture into a bedroom with a new traditional vibe, as Storms points out.

Although it sounds difficult, Storms emphasizes that you shouldn’t be “afraid of your wood furniture.” She observes, “The warmth and natural organic elements you get from these tones are near impossible to create with painted furniture or stone.”

If you’re wondering how to decorate a bedroom with wood furniture once and for all, read on as we explore the best ways to showcase these pieces.

How to decorate with wood furniture

Avoid too much matching or too much clashing

Here’s the problematic thing about wood, which is why so many people tend to struggle as they decorate with it: If you match all the finishes perfectly, things will actually look too perfect. “Try to avoid full matching bedroom sets,” suggests Storms. This can look overly antiquated and the opposite of fresh.

But you should also try to avoid many wood pieces that have varying stain colors, says Storms. In other words? Aim to strike a balance between the wood finishes. Stay in the family of dark or light colors but don’t totally match them. This will create some distinctive visual interest in your bedroom.

Do match your nightstands

The only wood pieces you should be matching in your bedroom? Your nightstands. Storms says by matching your nightstands, you anchor the look of your bed while adding “warmth and balance” to the space.

Aim for varied materials and finishes

Even if you really like wood furniture, not everything in your bedroom should be wood. That will look matchy-matchy in a hurry. Instead, Storms recommends blending wood furniture with pieces in other materials and finishes: for example, color lacquer, bone inlay, metal, or textured raffia.

Complement your flooring

If you’re still at a loss as to what wood finish you should choose for your bedroom furniture, allow your flooring to be your guide. Storms suggests looking at your wood floor and working with the undertone of the stained wood species. For example, do you have red oak flooring that looks warm? Don’t use driftwood gray since that’s a cool hue. Go for warm-hued wood furniture instead.


What color wood furniture is timeless?

If you’re wondering how to decorate a bedroom with cherry wood furniture, you may want to think again, especially if you’re hoping to create a timeless look.

“I love medium wood tones like walnut but also think burl, rosewood, and olive ash, which are all very unique and timeless with the beautiful movement in the grain,” says Storms. They feel special.”

What colors pair well with wood bedroom furniture?

“I would avoid really dark, saturated colors if there is a lot of heavy, dark wooden furniture—but not to say that you can only use whites and creams,” says Storms. “Muted greens, blues, purples, and blush are beautiful with dark wood.”

How can I brighten my bedroom with dark wood furniture?

Here’s how to decorate a bedroom with dark wood furniture: “With dark bedroom furniture, the light, airy balance is important,” Storms says. “I love light colors in the rug, light bedding, and light drapery with a pop of trim on the leading edge or the bottom edge of your shades. Or mix in metal for a light reflection change, and I feel strongly about a light, grounded wallpaper. There should still be a color pop, even if it’s a subtle neutral.”

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