10 Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Spending more time at home has made people realize the need to improve their small bedrooms. Design tips include getting creative with decor, choosing light wall colors, using patterns wisely, opting for a queen bed, utilizing vertical space, incorporating hanging or mounted lighting, maximizing storage, inviting more light into the room, selecting a tall headboard, and choosing light window treatments.

Spending so much time at home during the last few years has allowed us to take a closer look at things we can improve in our spaces. Maybe it’s even made you realize just how cramped your bedroom feels.

While you don’t have a lot of say over the size of your bedroom (unless you’re actively house-hunting right now), there are certainly ways you can achieve the most comfortable bedroom possible even if your sleep space is tiny.

“A small bedroom doesn’t have to be unlivable,” says Caron Woolsey, founder and principal designer at CW Interiors. “Embrace the opportunity to bring personality and individuality to the small space.”

If you’re wondering how to decorate a small bedroom, this is where easy design tips come in to make the most of your bedroom and potentially even make it feel bigger. Here’s how to decorate a very small bedroom, with advice from a design pro.

1. Get creative

What makes you feel best in your space? Can you look at your bedroom as an opportunity to be extra creative with your decor? “A bedroom is the one place in the world where you should feel safe and comforted, so be fearless when you design it,” says Woolsey.

Even if your bedroom is small, you should still treat the whole space as an art piece in your home, adds Woolsey. While you may not be able to hang large-scale artistic masterpieces in your bedroom, you can certainly go with a small gallery wall above your bed or display a favorite collection on your dresser. (Check out these bedroom design ideas that work for small bedrooms.)

2. Be choosy with wall colors

Weaving in light airy, neutrals can make any space—bedroom included—feel larger.

White is a surefire hue to make a bedroom feel larger, along with other neutrals like cream, light gray, or taupe. In addition to choosing a neutral hue that makes the bedroom seem bigger, pick one that you’re drawn to and that makes you feel good.

“Experiment with wall colors that reflect the mood you want your bedroom to emanate each and every night,” suggests Woolsey. (Here are the best colors to use in your bedroom.)

3. Play with patterns wisely

You can absolutely use patterns in a small bedroom, but it’s best to choose ones with neutrals, like black and white.

You may also want to only bring in a pattern or two to complement the solid colors in the space. That way, the eye can rest upon subtle patterns here and there instead of being overwhelmed by too many patterns.

Even in the smallest of bedrooms, Woolsey advises accenting the room with patterned pillows and throws “to add texture and color.” When you’re ready for a change in decor, you can swap out these accents for new ones, she adds.

4. Go with a queen bed

If you and your partner are fine with sleeping in a queen-size bed, it’ll instantly add more space to your bedroom. Sure, a king bed makes for a comfy sleeping situation, but a queen will free up room.

If you’re wondering how to decorate a small bedroom with a queen bed, keep in mind that you’ll have more room for furniture as opposed to with a king bed. But still aim to keep the look polished and streamlined, with matching, minimal nightstands and a single art piece above the bed.

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5. Think vertically

In a small room, it’s key to draw the eye upwards as much as possible. This greatly helps in trying to make a bedroom appear larger.

“Look for ways to incorporate architectural elements like large windows or beautiful molding,” recommends Woolsey. “Take advantage of vertical space.” (Learn about split bedroom floor plans to see if this house setup is right for you.)

6. Free up space with hanging or mounted lighting

When decorating a tiny bedroom, remember that table lamps and floor lamps take up valuable space. Instead, Woolsey suggests using pendant lights or mounted wall sconces to conserve real estate.

7. Be clever with storage

Clutter feels even more overwhelming in a small bedroom, so it’s important to have lots of storage solutions in place to avoid this.

That means hanging floating shelves, installing built-ins, relying upon under-the-bed storage, and having a nearby closet for all those bedtime essentials. (Learn about bookcase beds to see if they could be a storage solution for you.)

8. Invite even more light into the room

Here’s a cool interior design secret: Light bounces off of mirrors and glass, which can actually make a room seem larger. Woolsey says you can hang a large mirror opposite your windows to take full advantage of natural light.

9. Choose a tall headboard

Remember that tip about drawing the eye upwards in a teeny room? This is something you can quickly achieve by utilizing a tall headboard. Stretching toward the ceiling, the eye will drift from the small room to the spaciousness above.

10. Be thoughtful with window treatments

The right window treatments can make all the difference in a small bedroom. Steer clear of dark-hued, heavy drapes since these will weigh the room down. Instead, opt for light, breezy drapes, preferably in a neutral color.

Ready to give your small bedroom a makeover? We put together a list of the top decorating mistakes to avoid.

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