The Right Way to Fold Bath Towels

Folding bath towels can make your linen closet or bathroom neater and more organized. It saves time and creates a visually pleasing space. To achieve a clean, crisp look, fold a bath towel in half from top to bottom, then fold it in half again, and finish by folding it in thirds. Using labeled baskets for storage helps maintain a tidy appearance. Rolling towels is a space-saving alternative.

No matter what time of year it is—whether you’re spring cleaning or not—organizing your linen closet or bathroom is always a great idea. After all, as you’ve likely experienced, a neat and tidy space can be conducive to a better mood.

But while folding bath towels might seem simple, it can actually be a bit more complicated to get them to look perfectly crisp and polished.

“Folding towels seems simple enough,” says Erica Thompson, home organizer, interior stylist, and founder of Organized by Design, “yet so many people actually hire me to figure out the best way to do just that because their linen closets are a big jumble and they can never find what they are looking for.”

If you’re wondering how to fold bath towels, or even how to fold a bath towel fancy—like they do in hotels—this article will explain how to fold bath towels to save space and so you can create an elevated look in your bathroom or linen closet.

The importance of folding bath towels

Although it might not immediately seem like it, there are actually lots of benefits when it comes to having neatly folded towels.

First of all, neatly folded towels are visually calming, so you won’t get overwhelmed every time you open your linen closet, notes Thompson.

“Categorized and well-folded towels make them easy to grab depending on the occasion, whether you’re replacing the hand towel in the guest bathroom, need a washcloth for an at-home spa night, or want to grab a beach towel for the pool or picnic,” she says. “Having them neatly folded and organized saves the most precious commodity of all—your time!”

How to fold a bath towel

While there can be various methods of folding towels, Thompson shares one approach that will always look visually pleasing and won’t take forever to figure out. Here are her step-by-step instructions for achieving that clean, crisp look:

  1. Take your bath towel and fold it in half from top to bottom so it becomes more of a square.
  2. Make sure the edges match.
  3. Smooth out the towel, then fold it in half again.
  4. Finish by folding it in thirds.

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How to maintain folded bath towels

But do you know what’s difficult? Actually maintaining the look of bath towels that you just folded. Doing this can keep your space looking as tidy as possible.

Thompson has a solution: “I love putting folded towels into beautiful baskets labeled by type,” she says. “Baskets help when you are putting towels away—they create an assigned spot and size to fold accordingly. And you can grab the whole basket and shop for what you need.”

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What’s the best way to fold bath towels?

Thompson shares her “ideal fold:” “Take your bath towel and fold it in half from top to bottom so it becomes more of a square. Make sure the edges match and smooth out the towel. Then fold it in half again. Then fold it in thirds. Keep it simple.” Here’s how to tell if it’s time to replace your bath towels.

Is it better to roll or fold bath towels?

You might be wondering how to fold bath towels to save space. In some cases, folding may not be the answer—instead, rolling is a great method if you’re short on space.

“If you have open shelving, you can go with rolling towels spa-style to showcase a handful of nice towels,” Thompson says. “If you have a lot of towels, folding is better. It’s a more stable way to stack multiples.”

How do you fold a towel fancy like they do at hotels?

Have you ever wished you knew how to fold bath towels fancy like they do at your favorite hotel? Thompson says that “hotel towels” are a more decorative way to store your towels, so this is right up your alley if you’re looking for something that’s more aesthetic. “The easiest way is to fold your towel into thirds the long way,” she says. “Fold top to bottom, leaving a little space at the top—then roll.”

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