7 Ways to Bring Kindercore Design Into Your Bedroom

Kindercore is a new decor style that focuses on creating a youthful feel within adult spaces. It embraces primary colors, playful accents, and simplicity. Bringing kindercore design into the bedroom can create a calming and uplifting atmosphere. Tips include starting with subtle accents, incorporating swappable pieces, creating a color palette, mixing and matching furniture, adding luxe touches, setting up a playful seating area, and tailoring the design to personal preferences.

We can all agree that for over a year, things have been downright stressful. The good news is, you can elevate your mood through your home decor choices.

One mood-lifting trend to try is kindercore, which is currently having a moment in the design world.

Although the word sounds like “kindergarten,” kindercore isn’t just for little ones. Embracing primary colors and lighthearted accents, it’s actually a trend that many adults are weaving into their homes—and it looks particularly great in the bedroom.

Below, learn how to bring kindercore design into your bedroom for a major mood boost (and better sleep!).

What is kindercore?

Tara McDonald, owner of Riatte Interiors in Marina del Rey, California, says kindercore is a relatively new decor style. She describes it as colorful, simplistic, and playful.

“The focus is on creating a more youthful feel within adult spaces,” she says—and that’s something we could all use a bit more of these days.

Kindercore is defined by its use of primary colors, chubby furnishings, bold, geometric patterns, and simplicity. McDonald says the appeal of this design trend lies in “the nostalgia induced by the lively and lighthearted furnishings and color choices.”

Originating in the early 21st century as “a rebellious response to the sterile white walls of minimalism,” as McDonald describes it, kindercore is ideal for maximalists who want to bring some extra joy into their lives.

Kindercore bedroom design tips

Kindercore design is a great trend to bring into the bedroom. McDonald says bedrooms are more personal areas that give you the freedom to experiment with your style.

Since kindercore can transport you back to childhood memories when you may have experienced fewer stresses and concerns, McDonald believes it’s a perfect aesthetic to showcase in a bedroom, a place where worries should feel far away.

“Bringing kindercore into your space can be calming and uplifting as it brings you back to those carefree moments,” she says.

Here’s how to incorporate kindercore design into your bedroom.

Go subtle if you prefer

Kindercore certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re a maximalist who wants to incorporate the look into your bedroom, you can choose to dip your toe in the water to start.

McDonald recommends deciding right away if you want to stick to more subtle kindercore accents, or if you prefer, you can go all in. This will help set the overall tone of the room as you start to bring in decorative items.

Choose swappable pieces

Kindercore is all about experimenting with new styles and inventive touches, which is why it can be wise to begin with accessories instead of committing to large furniture pieces. McDonald says these small pieces can easily be swapped in and out.

Create a color palette

If you’re drawn to kindercore but don’t necessarily want to go big or go home with bold, primary colors like red, blue, yellow, and green, you do have the option to tone it down.

“Kindercore colors can be overwhelming,” McDonald says. “If you’re just getting started, pick one bright color to mix in with neutrals.”

Don’t go matchy-matchy with furniture

Perhaps you’re ready to graduate beyond swappable accessories and you’d like to start purchasing kindercore furniture pieces for your bedroom. In this case, McDonald suggests mixing and matching larger pieces of furniture. “Try to stay away from matching sets that might leave your bedroom feeling more like a dollhouse,” she says.

Include luxe touches

Just because your bedroom nods to childhood doesn’t mean it can’t feel luxurious where it counts. “Add luxury with your linens and invest in a good mattress to elevate your experience,” says McDonald.

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Set up a playful seating area

Kindercore chairs, with their soft, curved silhouettes and bright colors, are a lot of fun, and if you have the room, you can show one or two off by creating what McDonald calls “a playful seating area” in your bedroom. She says that chubby chairs will amplify the look.

Tailor it to your preferences

When crafting a kindercore bedroom, you don’t have to overlook all your personal tastes and needs. “Make the space work for you,” says McDonald. “While it may seem like a fun, creative challenge to go all out with any style, it’s important to make sure your choices align with your daily routine.”

Whether it’s your bedroom or another space, McDonald says that it’s key to “love the things you bring into your home.”

The bottom line: “The whole point of kindercore is to create a whimsical space that makes you happy,” says McDonald. “If you’re just filling the room with youthful decor, you may not like the result. My advice is to find a few things that fit the style but narrow it down, choosing the ones with which you find a personal connection.”

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