6 Ways to Incorporate Leather Decor Into Your Bedroom

Leather is a versatile and timeless material that can be used to decorate a bedroom. Different leather hues can create different vibes, and leather decor can be incorporated subtly or prominently. Real and faux leather options are available. It's important to choose leather that matches the style of the room.

Leather is a timeless material that’s been around for thousands of years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It continues to be used to make boots, jackets, gloves, and journals and looks oh-so-cool in the process.

While you likely have spotted leather in clothing boutiques and bookstores, have you considered decorating with it in your home?

Specifically, leather decor is a surprisingly easy way to give your bedroom a bit of edge. If you’re new to using this material as decor in your home, or within your sleep space, we’re here with a guide that will show you how to incorporate leather into your bedroom, thanks to helpful tips from Wendy Appleby, owner and interior designer of Your Home by Wendy.

Choose a leather hue

Whether it’s a club chair, dresser tray, or detailing on a throw pillow, Appleby says leathers in different hues can each communicate their own vibe in a space.

“Dark distressed leathers can add texture and a sense of coziness and warmth,” she says, “while ‘cleaner’ leathers add a feeling of modernism and order.”

In other words: What kind of feel do you want to create in your bedroom with your leather decor? If you’re all about cozy ambiance, sumptuous blankets, and other luxe touches, opt for darker leathers. But if you want your bedroom to feel contemporary and minimal, choose leathers in lighter colors.

Decide how much to include

With leather decor, you can either be subtle with it or go all-in. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to dial up or dial down the leather in your bedroom. For instance, for something small, Appleby recommends a catch-all tray for change and jewelry sitting on your dresser.

But let’s say you’d like to weave a hefty dose of leather into your sleep space. For this, Appleby says you can opt for a leather headboard and footboard to really make your bed stand out in the room.

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Go soft or tough

Leather is a very versatile material, something that’s witnessed through decor pieces that feature it.

For example, if you want your bedroom to be all about edge, Appleby recommends a full-on leather throw rug at the foot of the bed. Meanwhile, a leather wingback chair and ottoman draped in a pretty throw can add a softer touch. (Check out these aesthetic bedroom ideas for more interior design inspiration.)

Think about function

Leather doesn’t have to just be decorative. It’s a durable material that holds up, which means it can serve a practical function in your bedroom as well.

Appleby says one way to bring together style and usefulness when it comes to leather is to place a leather bench at the foot of the bed. It’s not only a great place to put your socks on, but it adds “texture personality” to a room, she says.

Choose between real and faux leather

Do you like the look of leather but prefer to use vegan materials and products in your home? You have plenty of options to choose from.

“There are many quality faux or vegan leathers out there,” says Appleby. She notes that since faux leather is a vinyl product, it does need to be cared for like any vinyl.

Be aware that it can tear more easily, it isn’t as soft, and it doesn’t age over time like real leather does. But the nice thing about vegan leather is that it can be cleaned very easily—all you need to do is wipe it down with water.

Mirror the style of the room

Leather should always feel in line with the particular style of a bedroom. You probably wouldn’t decorate with black leather in a breezy, white farmhouse space, right? Think through the visuals of your bedroom before including leather decor.

The bottom line: “Leather comes in all textures and colors, so personalizing trim for a lampshade to a beautiful, tufted headboard is easy and fun,” says Appleby. “You can go from contemporary to antique with just one leather element in a room.”

Which interior design styles are totally on-trend right now for the bedroom? Check out our guide to the top interior design trends of the year to find out.

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