How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Sleep

Mercury retrograde is almost upon us once again-starting on Feb. 17 and lasting until March 10-but there’s no need to be spooked by it.

As the planet that rules over communication and travel, Mercury often gets blamed for misunderstandings and airline mixups during retrograde periods (which, by the way, occur several times during the year).

While you may experience some technology snafus or commuting snags, astrologers say you don’t have to be afraid. Instead, use this time to focus on “re” words: redo, reassess, rethink, reconsider, repair, says astrologer Tisch Aitken.

This winter, Mercury will be in retrograde in Pisces and end in Aquarius. Whatever your sign, it’s a really good time to make sure you’re not spending your time obsessing about your close relationships or lashing out at those nearest and dearest to you, says Aitken.

It’s also a good time to reprioritize sleep, say astrologists. Here’s how to adjust your nighttime routine when Mercury is retrograde, according to your sign.

Next, find out what your astrological sign has to say about your sleep style.

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