My Picky, 2-Year-Old Corgi Tried the Saatva Dog Bed—and It Completely Won Her Over

The Saatva Dog Bed is a luxurious and comfortable pet bed that stands out with its innovative features, including responsive micro-coils for better spinal support. Available in various sizes, it has received positive reviews from the author and her dog for its softness and style. This bed is ideal for dogs who are typically picky about where they sleep as it offers a cozy and inviting spot for them to rest.

My 2-year-old corgi, Dolly, is a picky girl, to say the least. She has a lot of quirks—for example, if water has been sitting in her dish for a while, she’ll refuse to drink it. She’ll only drink water that she sees us pour into her dish.

And if we give her a treat that she thinks is too soft or too crunchy, she won’t eat it—instead, she’ll toss it around the room and leave it in the middle of the floor, as if to say, “I’d like to swap this out for a different treat, please.”

So, with all these funny little traits and preferences, it came as no surprise to me that she was a dog who didn’t want to sleep on a dog bed. Instead, Dolly has always tucked into random corners or stretched out in the middle of the floor.

But then the Saatva Dog Bed came along earlier this year, and it got my attention. Since I sleep on a Saatva mattress every night—and can attest to its high level of comfort—I thought, “Maybe Dolly just might enjoy a Saatva ‘mattress’ of her own.”

And as it turns out, she loves it. Keep reading for an honest Saatva Dog Bed review.

2-year-old corgi dolly sleeping on saatva dog bed
2-year-old corgi Dolly sleeping peacefully on her Saatva Dog Bed

What is the Saatva Dog Bed?

Think of the Saatva Dog Bed as a miniature version of the tried-and-true Saatva mattress. This isn’t an everyday dog bed you’d purchase at a big-box store. Instead, this is the very first dog bed to feature responsive micro-coils. Translation? It can help improve your pup’s spinal alignment and allow them to get up from napping more easily.

It’s also incredibly soft and warm while still being breathable, with its high-performance fabric cover that also repels water. Coming in sizes small, medium, and large, anyone is sure to find the perfect fit for their dog.

Saatva Dog Bed vs. other dog beds

Saatva Dog Bed
saatva dog bed
Dog Bed

Saatva comfort & luxury, designed just for our furry friends

differs from other dog beds on the market in that it’s a luxury product made with premium materials. And, as I mentioned, it’s the first dog bed with responsive micro-coils, taking it to a similar level to Saatva’s mattresses designed for humans.

My honest Saatva Dog Bed review

Here’s the truth: I wasn’t sure if Dolly would even look in this bed’s direction. I’ve had a dog bed for a very long time in the corner of my office, and time and time again, she’s opted to sleep next to it instead of actually on it. It was one that I bought on sale at a big-box store that I thought was pretty comfy, but then I received the Saatva Dog Bed.

Honestly, it feels like a tiny cloud. I wouldn’t mind sleeping on this bed! It feels soft and squishy in all the right places, and it’s stylish too. I ordered the medium size, and the taupe boucle goes perfectly with my office decor.

As soon as I got it, I placed it in the corner and crossed my fingers that Dolly would pay attention to it. At first, I picked her up and placed her on the bed, and when she stayed for a minute or two, I rewarded her with a treat. But after that, she still didn’t lie on it. I thought, “Well, here’s another bed she won’t sleep on.”

Then, lo and behold, I started catching her snoozing on it! I’d leave my office for a minute, and when I returned, there she was, all comfy and cozy. She’s been using it regularly ever since. With all the dog beds I’ve tried with her over the past couple of years, this is the one that finally won her over.

Find the best dog bed for your pup at Saatva

Dog Bed

An upgraded ergonomic design and premium materials to give your best friend the same comfort, quality, and durability you’ve come to expect from a Saatva mattress.


Does the Saatva Dog Bed come in different sizes?

Yes! The bed comes in small (for small dogs, puppies, and cats up to 45 pounds), medium (for medium dogs up to 90 pounds), and large (for large dogs up to 120 pounds or for two small or medium “bonded pair” dogs who like to share a bed).

What’s the Saatva Dog Bed made out of?

The Saatva Dog Bed contains responsive micro-coils for buoyant support and a pillow top filled with plush comfort fibers to help reduce pet dander while keeping your pet cool and comfortable. The dog bed has a removable high-performance fabric cover with a gusseted design that repels stains and liquid for easy spot cleaning.

The unique fabric finish repels liquids easily while allowing for air to flow freely. The taupe boucle and slate boucle options are 98% polyester and 4% acrylic, while the natural linen option is 83% polyester, 10% acrylic, and 7% linen.

Can I purchase extra covers for the Saatva Dog Bed?

Yes! You can add an extra removable dog cover to your order.

Can my cat use the Saatva Dog Bed?

Absolutely! A feline friend would love cozying up to this soft bed too.

What’s the return policy on the Saatva Dog Bed?

Saatva offers 45-day free returns.

Final verdict on the Saatva Dog Bed

This is the only bed that my dog has ever cared to sleep on, which is really saying something. And the fact that she still uses it nearly every day tells me that it must be incredibly comfortable, creating a nest where she can snuggle in while I work. If you’re like me and have a dog who just isn’t into dog beds, then give this dog bed a shot.

Sleep tips for dogs

Choosing the right pet bed isn’t the only way to help your pup get the sleep they need. Here’s our best advice for helping your dog snooze soundly:

Photos courtesy of Shelby Deering

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