Saatva Introduces a Luxury Hybrid Mattress for Bigger Body Types

The key to a bed that will give you a great night’s sleep is matching the mattress to your sleep style and body type. That’s especially true if you weigh 300 pounds or more. High-weight sleepers often don’t get long-lasting support and comfort from a mattress, because most mattresses are not made with their needs in mind.

That’s why we created Saatva HD, a luxury hybrid mattress designed exclusively for people weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. Saatva HD combines a high-durability coil base with plush upper layers to ensure a hotel-quality sleep experience. Twin and twin XL models can accommodate up to 500 pounds, while full, queen, and king models can accommodate up to 500 pounds on each side.

What’s inside the mattress

Like other Saatva mattresses, Saatva HD is handcrafted with premium materials and designed to deliver cool, comfortable, supportive sleep. Here’s a closer look at what’s inside the mattress:

  • The Euro pillow top adds a layer of cushioning for comfort, while the breathable organic cotton cover promotes a cool night’s sleep. The entire mattress is hand-tuftedto keep the layers in place and prevent sagging.
  • Below the pillow top, 5-zone natural latex provides targeted support in the lumbar zone and under shoulders and hips. Meanwhile, our Lumbar Zone® Active Spinal Wir adds support in the center third of the mattress, where you need it most.
  • The contouring comfort layers are made up of a unique combination of memory foam and support formsthat contour and cushion for pressure relief on sensitive joints. All of Saatva’s foams carry the CertiPUR-US® label, meaning they’re free of harmful chemicals.
  • The heart of the HD mattress is a high-durability coil base, made with 12.5-gauge tempered steel coils that are 25% stronger than the industry standard. The coils are threaded with a thinner, 17-gauge helical wire that helps reduce motion transfer so you won’t feel it if your partner tosses and turns. Meanwhile, a patented spinal zone active wireadds support in the center third of the mattress, where you need it most.
  • High-density foam rails encase the top, bottom, and sides of the mattress for long-lasting edge support A firmer, more supportive edge makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • What the mattress feels like

    Saatva HD is engineered to feel like a “medium firm” to people weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. Because it’s a hybrid, it captures the best of both worlds: The coil base provides strong support for spinal alignment and prevents dipping or sagging, while the upper foam layers add plush comfort. (Here’s more about what to look for in a mattress.)

    How to choose the right foundation

    Just like a person, a mattress also needs the right kind of support. To go along with the Saatva HD, we’ve designed a high-durability foundation that’s stronger than a typical foundation or box spring. The HD foundation is available in two heights: 4.75″ and 8.75″. Both foundations provide the same level of support; the 4.75″ is for people who like a lower bed height, while the 8.75″ foundation is for people who prefer a taller bed height. We strongly recommend pairing the Saatva HD with the HD foundation. That said, you can also pair the HD mattress with any solid platform bed that has vertical center support. (In some cases, using an improper foundation can void your warranty. Read more about the mattress fine-print policies you need to know.)

    Try Saatva HD for yourself

    As with the rest of our mattresses, you can enjoy a home trial of Saatva HD before making a commitment-it’s yours to try for 120 nights. Head to to learn more, and give us a call at 877-672-2882 with any questions.

    Next, here’s how to decide whether a queen size or king size mattress is right for you.

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