How to Create a “Sleep Spell Jar” for Better Sleep

A sleep spell jar is a physical representation of a sleep spell, made by combining herbs, crystals, and other ingredients to promote better sleep. To make one, start by cleansing a glass jar, then layering dried lavender, dried rosemary, amethyst, lepidolite, and sea salt inside. Write down an affirmation for sleep, fold it up, and drop it in the jar before sealing it with a kiss. Repeat your affirmation as you shake the jar three times. While there's no right or wrong way to make a spell jar, it's important to follow safety precautions if you incorporate a candle and dispose of the jar if it starts to show signs of decay. Sleep spell jars can be placed under the bed or on a nightstand to encourage deep sleep and protect your dreams.

I believe in magic, do you? When I’m feeling low, I’ll go on a long walk, play my favorite song, and tilt my head up to the universe and ask for things to get better. Whether I’m met with a free coffee at my next destination, or my friend calls a few hours later to make plans, I know my call has been answered. I look for magic everywhere I go, but when I can’t sleep? Well, I turn to magic for help with that too.

Whether you’re witchy and spiritual or not, you can’t argue with the fact that dabbling in magic is fun. So when I saw sleep spell jars were trending on TikTok, I knew it was right up my alley. Whether you believe these jars have sleep-healing powers or not, at the very least, creating one will help you get your creative juices flowing, which can be a powerful release that can help usher in sleep in and of itself.

If you’re curious about trying this trend, here’s everything you need to know about creating your own spell jar for sleep and how to use it to manifest restful nights ahead.

What is a sleep spell jar?

According to Katie Huang, owner of Love By Luna and the author of Crystal Zodiac and Luminous Dreams, “a spell jar serves as a physical representation of a spell.” A physical representation of what you want can be helpful because “it can be used as a visual reminder of an intention you’ve set and can help you call upon a certain energy or mindset you wish to align with,” she says.

It’s kind of like making a mini and hyper-focused vision board, except these jars can add a bit of whimsy to your nightstand or be beautifully illuminated by your favorite scented candle that helps relax your mind at bedtime.

Sleep spell jar recipes

A sleep spell jar recipe typically consists of a variety of ingredients to promote better sleep, no matter what issue is holding you back from catching those Z’s. Here’s a basic recipe with a few suggestions for what to add based on the issue you’re facing, according to Huang.


  • Glass jar
  • Dried lavender to promote relaxation and good dreams
  • Dried rosemary to protect against nightmares
  • Amethyst to encourage inner peace and deep sleep
  • Lepidolite to soothe nerves and ward off insomnia
  • Sea salt for general protection and cleansing
  • Pen and paper

Optional additions:


First, “make sure to cleanse your glass jar and dry it completely,” says Huang. “You can also energetically cleanse crystals by placing them by a windowsill under the moonlight or on top of a piece of clear quartz or selenite for 24 hours. This will ensure that your tools are free of negative energy and will help the performance of the spell.”

Then, layer the salt, herbs, and crystals inside the jar. However you order it is up to you, so try to go with what feels right without overthinking it. Next, it’s time to write down an affirmation for sleep on a piece of paper. “It can be something as simple as, ‘My dreams are peaceful,’ or, ‘My sleep is deeply restorative,'” says Huang.

Fold up the paper and drop it in the jar before tightly screwing on the lid. Finally, Huang suggests, seal the jar energetically with a kiss. Repeat your affirmation aloud as you shake your jar three times.


What’s the correct way to make a spell jar?

There’s no right or wrong way to make a spell jar—it all comes down to using your intuition. “When you use your intuition, you can’t go wrong,” says Huang. “The ingredients I’ve suggested are merely recommendations, so if you feel called to use something else that isn’t traditionally tied to sleep properties, that’s totally fine.”

However, she notes that if you prefer to use fresh herbs instead of dried herbs in your spell jar, make sure to check on it every few days to make sure things haven’t gotten moldy. If you choose to incorporate a candle, always follow safety precautions. Never leave a lit flame unattended.

What happens if I open a spell jar?

“All things must come to an end eventually, and if you feel like your jar has served its purpose (you’ve seen your desired intention come to fruition) or if it starts to show signs of decay (ingredients starting to mold, breakages/leaks), then it’s probably time to dispose of it,” says Huang. You can use your jar how you wish, and if it feels right to you, you can even alternate the sleep intention on the piece of paper and reuse the same jar.

Where should I store a spell jar in my room?

Huang suggests placing the jar beneath your bed to encourage deep sleep and protect your dreams. If there’s no space, placing it on a nightstand works too. “You could also make a smaller version that can go underneath your pillow by creating a sleep sachet which offers the same energetic benefits of a spell jar,” says Huang.

How do I dispose of a spell jar?

To dispose of your spell jar once it’s served its purpose, open the jar and separate the reusable materials (crystals, charms, etc.) from the organic materials (herbs). “Return the organic materials to the earth by burying them or recycling them in some way,” says Huang. You can also thank your jar and each piece that was inside it for helping you along your journey as you recycle them.

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