Saatva Mattress Named Sustainability Product of the Year

At Saatva, we never stop thinking about ways to protect our environment. From our eco-friendly factories>, to our natural antimicrobial treatments, plant-based flame retardants, and organic cotton covers, we do everything we can to make a luxury product that supports a healthy planet. That’s why we’ve been members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council for many years, and why we continually renew our commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

Saatva recognized for sustainability efforts

So we were thrilled to learn that Saatva has won the Business Intelligence Group’s 2018 Sustainability Award, which honors those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice.

Saatva won Sustainability Product of the Year for our flagship luxury innerspring mattress. Judges cited Saatva’s eco-responsible manufacturing and distribution, which includes sustainable harvesting of materials, CO2 reduction, and the use of safer bio-based foams and natural flame retardants. All Saatva mattresses have an organic covering and an all-natural antimicrobial treatment that protects against dust mites, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms without the use of harsh chemicals or heavy metals.

The benefits are twofold: Controlling against bacterial degradation ensures that mattresses last longer-and stay out of landfills-while it gives consumers a healthier sleep and life.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our business model, says Saatva CEO Ron Rudzin. We strive to be socially responsible and support green initiatives in manufacturing and distribution with a goal to leave the planet and communities healthier than how we found them.

Founded in 2012, the Business Intelligence Group brings together the brightest minds in business leadership to highlight the achievements of the world’s most forward-thinking companies. Awards are judged by a panel of industry executives, so we are particularly honored to be recognized by our peers.

Saatva works for a sustainable future

At Saatva, we’re proud to have established a successful company that helps thousands of customers achieve safe, healthy sleep every night. But we never rest on our laurels-we’ll continue our work, striving to make every stage of our manufacturing process as eco-friendly as possible.

I couldn’t be more proud of our entire team, says CEO Rudzin. Everyone at Saatva worked to make awards like this a reality, from the moment we launched our company in 2011. We’ve built a network of over 19 American factories and 145 fulfillment centers nationwide to cut down on emissions. Our products travel an average of less than 100 miles to reach a customer’s home. Together we’ve created America’s no. 1 online luxury mattress brand, without sacrificing our core principles.

Saatva’s luxury innerspring mattress uses:

  • Organic cotton
  • Eco-friendly foams with Certi-PUR certification
  • Thistle-based flame retardant
  • Recycled steel support coils
  • Guardin® natural antimicrobial treatment
  • What’s more, our mattress will never off-gas in your home.

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