I Tried the “Sweet Dreams” Cereal as Part of My Nighttime Routine

Post has launched a new cereal called Sweet Dreams, which the brand claims is the first of its kind that's designed to be consumed as part of a nightly sleep routine. Sweet Dreams cereal comes in two flavorsBlueberry Midnight and Honey Moonglowand is enriched with zinc, folic acid, and B vitamins, all of which help support the body's natural production of melatonin. The cereal also contains vitamin E, which helps protect the brain during sleep. Just keep in mind one serving of the cereal contains 12 grams of added sugar, 24% of the daily recommended sugar intake.

I’ve tried just about every sleep device and trick under the sun to help me get shut-eye at night because the truth is, I have such a hard time shutting down my brain when it’s time to hit the hay.

I’ve tried everything from cuddling with a weighted dino to crafting a witchy sleep jar to place under my bed to even trying out wearable devices. But when I heard that I could pair my nighttime routine with a delicious bowl of cereal as part of a new sleep routine, you better believe I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Here’s everything that happened when I got my hands on Posts’ new Sweet Dreams cereal and how it affected my nighttime routine.

What is Sweet Dreams cereal?

Sweet Dreams cereal is a new cereal from Post that comes in two different flavors: Blueberry Midnight and Honey Moonglow. According to the brand, it’s the first cereal of its kind designed to be part of your nightly sleep routine.

The Blueberry Midnight cereal has flavor notes of blueberry, lavender, and relaxing chamomile, while the Honey Moonglow flavor has notes of honey, vanilla, lavender, and chamomile. Just be aware: Both kinds of cereal contain thin slices of almonds—so if you’re allergic to almonds, you’ll want to skip this one.

Sweet Dreams cereal is marketed as a nighttime cereal because it contains zinc, folic acid, and B vitamins, which all support the body’s natural production of melatonin. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin E (35% of your daily value). Vitamin E helps protect your brain as you sleep. Basically, this cereal is kind of like the food form of herbal tea. Color me intrigued.

Sweet Dreams Cereal review

The first time I tried this cereal, it was about 20 minutes before I was headed to bed. After I read the box, I realized I should’ve had it a little bit earlier. The box suggests having a bowl of cereal an hour before bedtime, then shutting off your phone, and then saving 30 minutes of downtime to yourself to wind down for bed.

I had the Honey Moonglow cereal, and upon the first bite, I thought it was definitely delicious. There was nothing bland about it and the notes of honey definitely came through the strongest.

When looking at the nutrition facts, one thing I noticed is the cereal contains 12 grams of added sugar in one serving, which is 24% of the daily recommended value of sugar intake.

After eating a bowl of cereal and getting into bed, I fell asleep right away! I also had a more difficult time waking up the next morning, which may or may not have been due to the melatonin production the cereal helped encourage.

The second time I tried the cereal, I ate it an hour before I was hoping to head to bed as instructed by the box. I noticed I was able to drift off to sleep quickly an hour after eating the cereal, and I woke up feeling refreshed the next day.

What I love about this cereal is even with the added sugar, it’s a healthier alternative to reaching for a nutrition-less dessert at the end of the night. If you have a sweet tooth and can’t usually end your night without something sweet, this is definitely a healthier option.

What a dietician thinks of the Sweet Dreams cereal

Elizabeth Shaw, RDN, author, and owner of Shaw Simple Swaps, notes that this cereal (like many other popular fun kinds of cereal) does have a high sugar content.

“I would recommend consumers treat it like another fun breakfast cereal by mixing half of this with a lower sugar cereal option,” says Shaw. “This helps cut the sugar in half and provide more fiber in the meal as well (which may help keep you fuller for longer).”

Also, keep in mind that eating close to the time you fall asleep will vary from person to person and is based on individual needs. “Someone who is extremely active and needs to get more nutrition in their day may benefit from an evening snack to increase their caloric needs,” explains Shaw. “Similarly, kids may also benefit from a bedtime snack if they are walking up extremely early complaining of hunger pains.”

She adds that people with medical conditions, like diabetes, may warrant a bedtime snack for blood sugar control. “On the flip side, mindless munching in the evening and/or consuming high-fat, high-sugar snacks could derail your health goals and lead to poor sleep,” says Shaw.

It’s also important to note that “many breakfast cereals are fortified with B vitamins, zinc, and folate and people regularly consume them every morning,” says Shaw. So if you’re worried that Sweet Dreams cereal will make you sleepy in the morning, know that it isn’t going to cause you to want to take an immediate snooze. “The biggest factor to consider is exposure to light since melatonin is produced at night,” says Shaw.


Who makes Sweet Dreams cereal?

Post, the company that makes many traditional breakfast cereal favorites like Cocoa Pebbles, Golden Crisp, and more also make this cereal.

Are milk and cereal good at night?

Shaw explains that when paired with a protein source like cow’s milk or pea milk, the sugar found in most cereals won’t cause the same blood sugar spikes that individuals feel when eating sugar on its own. Therefore, milk and cereal can be a good bedtime snack.

Is cereal a good source of nutrition?

Cereal isn’t a terrible source of nutrition, but “focusing on whole foods that have vitamin E naturally in them is a safer bet to get the nutrition you need,” explains Shaw. “Almonds contain vitamin E naturally and are an easy addition to your diet.” That way, you won’t also have to worry about added sugar. However, if you’re used to reaching for a bowl of ice cream or cookies after dinner, this cereal can be a healthier swap.

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