8 Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your Bedroom

Saatva has created a line of bed frames inspired by coastal cities, allowing people to transform their bedrooms into their dream travel destinations. The bed frames are named after cities such as Porto, Copenhagen, Sydney, Valencia, Santorini, Amalfi, Minori, and Marseille, each reflecting the unique style and atmosphere of the respective city.

We’ve never spent more time in our bedrooms than we have in the past year. While most of the world is itching to board a plane and satisfy their wanderlust, travel is still limited.

Luckily, we’ve found a way to channel our favorite adventures without ever leaving the bed. Now, you can transform your bedroom into your top bucket-list destination with our line of coastal city-inspired bed frames.

Are the lapping waves of the Amalfi Coast or the canals of Copenhagen calling you? Here’s a rundown of the nine beautiful cities that inspired our line of bed frames. Choose your bed frame accordingly and satisfy your travel craving right from your bedroom.


coastal city of porto, portugal

History lessons flow as freely as the port in Portugal’s second-largest city. The colorful exteriors and mosaic-tiled buildings are a sight to see while wandering the winding alleyways paved with cobblestones. This ancient city is full of Baroque churches and influences from North Africa but more recently has embraced a contemporary architectural style with eye-catching modern buildings.

Porto bed frame

Saatva's Porto bed frame

Just as stylish and modern is our

saatva porto bed frame

A platform bed frame with an updated mid-century vibe

bed frame, which balances minimalist detail with dramatic allure. Subtle curves and tailored piping on the low-profile foot rail add a contemporary update to a classic mid-century silhouette.


Waterfront view of Copenhagen, Denmark

Hip, trendy, romantic: Those are just a few words to describe this northern European city. In recent years, its food scene has dominated, with some of the best restaurants in the world. While there’s plenty of old-world charm wrapped up in its colorful row houses lining the canal, this Scandinavian city really embraces its minimalist chic reputation in its upscale dining rooms and new apartment buildings.

Copenhagen bed frame

Saatva's Copenhagen bed frame


saatva copenhagen bed frame

A striking Scandinavian-inspired platform bed frame

bed frame fits in perfectly when it comes to sleek sophistication. Its strikingly modern legs and gently sloped vintage velvet headboard grab your attention, just like a Danish pastry.


View of Sydney, Australia on the water with bridge in background

What do Sydney and beds have in common? They’re both pretty laid back (sorry for the dad joke). But seriously, the Harbour City is a cosmopolitan dream, with stylish urban neighborhoods and beachside suburbs a short drive away. Australian homes are all about sleek lines and ultra-modern interiors.

Sydney bed frame

Saatva's Sydney bed frame


saatva sydney bed frame

A low-profile solid platform bed frame with modern elegance

bed frame fits right in with simple, modern elegance and a solid platform base. The recessed legs give the illusion the bed is floating above the ground, just like the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge floats above the water.

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View of Valencia, Spain coastline

Spain’s port city is where old meets new and traditional meets modern. It’s known for its mix of medieval architecture and striking new designs. Its most famous building is the City of Arts and Sciences, a modern masterpiece that tourists come just to photograph.

Valencia bed frame

Saatva's Valencia bed frame

Like its namesake city, our

saatva valencia bed frame

A classic yet contemporary platform bed frame

bed frame expertly blends classic and contemporary with its deep channel tufting on the headboard and foot rail.


View of blue-domed buildings on Santorini, Greece on a cliffside

The crown jewel of the Greek islands, Santorini is known for its bright blue domes on top of stark white buildings. The clean lines of the homes are juxtaposed against the jagged cliffs, navigated by sure-footed donkeys. While squid dries along the shoreline, travelers wait, cocktail in hand, for one of the best sunsets in the world.

Santorini bed frame

Saatva's Santorini platform bed frame


saatva santorini bed frame

A sleek, sophisticated platform bed frame

bed frame honors the island’s sophistication with its sleek lines, smooth headboard, and thin, graceful legs. We can practically smell the sea salt from here.


View of Amalfi Coast

There’s no doubt Amalfi is iconic. Nestled under cliffs, your first views of the colorful coastline are dramatic, to say the least. Amalfi’s history as a popular vacation destination for the upper class hasn’t changed much. Snag an umbrella and lounge chairs along the beach or spend the day climbing stairs and visiting famous sites like the Amalfi Cathedral.

Amalfi bed frame

Saatva's Amalfi bed frame

This grand yet relaxed destination pairs perfectly with our

saatva amalfi bed frame

A tastefully grand bed frame with a timeless appeal

bed frame. Its button-tufted headboard and clean side rails work for a dressed-up or dressed-down space—much like the Amalfi Coast.

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View of Minori, a seaside town on the Amalfi Coast

This hidden gem along the azure Mediterranean isn’t as frequented as its neighbor Amalfi, but it’s just as pretty. Known for its pasta and pastries, this laid-back fishing village is full of charm and stunning views beloved by local vacationers.

Minori bed frame

Saatva's Minori bed frame


saatva minori bed frame

A classic designer bed frame with subtle refinement

bed frame has the same restrained vibe with a curved, padded headboard and gently tapered wings. If you can’t get to the Italian coast just yet, bring it to your bedroom.


View of Marseille, France with boats in the water

The south of France is one of those places that lives up to the hype. In ancient times, Marseille prospered as a Greek and Roman port. Today, it’s teeming with galleries, upscale boutiques, trendy restaurants, and luxury hotels. Or just stroll along the Old Port and take in daily life in one of France’s most exciting cities.

Marseilles bed frame

Saatva's Marseille bed frame


saatva marseille bed frame

An elegant bed frame with a fine attention to detail

bed frame channels the city’s elegance and its Greek roots with clean lines and squared-off edges. Like Marseille, this bed frame makes a lasting impression.

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