How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Velvet

When it comes to luxe, timeless materials to weave throughout a home, velvet pretty much tops the list. Even though it’s been around for centuries, velvet has made yet another comeback and is popular once again.

Calling it “a highly tactile material that exudes a feeling of opulence,” Cameron Johnson, CEO of Nickson Living, a subscription-based, renter-friendly service that furnishes apartments, says that velvet has become popular because it “effectively epitomizes the broader trends of glam, grand millennial, and contemporary.”

“The versatile fabric can be used in many applications to add a bit of a design flare to any room,” he says. “From throw pillows and bar seat cushions to full sofas, the rich hues and soft touch of a velvet piece will command attention and softly scream lush.”

He adds that given its ability to soften a room, velvet can be a great addition to any bedroom. Here are some easy ways you can include this stylish material in your sleeping space.

How to decorate with velvet in your bedroom


“Velvet curtains are truly classic and don some of the most notable stages in the world,” Johnson says. “Incorporating velvet curtains in the bedroom will not only deliver privacy and light blocking but will add a luxurious texture to your wall that is hard to beat.”

A pro tip for adding velvet curtains to your bedroom? Johnson suggests using the longest curtain panels possible, even if the rod is mounted well above the window. “The floor-to-ceiling effect will compound the dramatic effect born from the rich hues of the panels,” he shares.


One of the easiest ways to set the scene for a velvet bedroom is by showcasing some velvet throw pillows on your bed. “Velvet is a tactile material, and its soft texture makes it both comfortable to enjoy as a pillow and very aesthetically pleasing,” Johnson says. “Pairing an otherwise pedestrian duvet cover with velvet accent pillows will elevate the entire bed.”


A surefire way to make your bedroom feel a lot more lavish is by swathing your bed with a

velvet blanket.
saatva organic velvet diamond quilt
Organic Velvet Diamond Quilt

A luxuriously plush velvet quilt that brings cozy elegance to your bedroom

“A luxurious velvet throw blanket draped across the bed is a very effective way to add a bit of luxe to the bedroom,” Johnson says.

Accent bench or stool

Velvet bedroom furniture is a way to go big with the trend, but you can dip your toe into the water by just going with an

accent bench
saatva arno cushioned bench
Arno Cushioned Bench

A sleek bedroom bench with modern, elevated lines

or stool for the space.

Describing it as “a perfect accent for getting ready in the morning,” Johnson says this piece will add a pop of color and texture differentiation when placed under a window or at the foot of the bed.

Upgrade your bedroom with Saatva's velvet furniture

Santorini Platform

A sleek, sophisticated platform bed frame (no headboard). Its graceful legs seem to float off above the floor, giving it a minimalist feel.

Rhone Storage Bench

Add elegant seating and storage to your bedroom with the timeless Rhone bench. Designed to pair perfectly with our upholstered bed frames.

Constance Tufted Ottoman

Add a stately accent to your bedroom with the plush Constance Ottoman. Designed to pair beautifully with our designer bed frames.


Is velvet furniture easy to clean?

“Velvet furniture ranks as moderately difficult to clean as it requires a very light human touch,” Johnson observes. “It is not advised to break out your favorite portable upholstery or carpet cleaning machine and take it to your velvet items.” Because the fabric is sensitive to moisture, cleaning requires a bit more attention and care than some other pieces, says Johnson.

How do you clean velvet furniture?

While it can be a tad challenging to clean, it’s entirely possible, according to Johnson. He recommends this cleaning method: “Velvet and water do not exactly mix, so the key in cleaning is to keep things simple and as relatively dry as possible,” he says. “Soak a cleaning cloth in a sudsy mixture of dish soap and water and use the damp cloth to gently blot the attention areas—the key is for the velvet to dry as quickly possible.”

What fabric goes with velvet furniture?

Since velvet can look a bit heavy at times, Johnson says the key when pairing velvet with other fabrics is to be thoughtful with textures. He says that similar fabrics, like wool and microfiber, pair especially well. “To add a lighter touch, consider linen, silk, or satin,” he says.

Can you mix velvet and leather furniture?

“Mixing leather and velvet is a bit tough but can certainly be done,” Johnson says. “The key in this pairing is balance. Either leather or velvet needs to be the primary driver of the room’s overall style, and the other element can be used for small accents.”

How do you protect velvet furniture?

There are ways to make velvet look its best throughout the years. While Johnson calls velvet a “generally resilient” material, he shares that it does tend to be sun-sensitive and prone to color-fading. “To protect your velvet pieces from fading, try to avoid placing your items in direct sunlight or use throws and pillows to shield sun-exposed areas,” he advises.

Is velvet furniture pet-friendly?

“Given its fiber composition, velvet furniture is pet-friendly,” Johnson says. “Short fibers with tight weaves tend to prevent the absorption of both odors and liquids in addition to allowing items to be gently brushed off of the surface.”

Does velvet furniture wear well?

Resilient against pet-induced wear and other things that could break it down, velvet is a surprisingly stalwart material since it’s comprised of short fibers with tight weaves. This is a quality that makes it resistant to liquid and odor absorption, notes Johnson.

Get the best velvet bedroom furniture at Saatva

In conclusion, velvet is a great fabric to bring into the bedroom. If this sumptuous material appeals to you and your personal style, Saatva offers a variety of high-quality velvet bedroom furniture pieces, including bed frames, chairs, ottomans, and storage benches.

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