What to Expect When You Receive Your New Saatva Mattress

We’re delighted you’ve placed an order for a Saatva mattress. You’ve taken the first step toward achieving blissful sleep. While your Saatva mattress is being handcrafted, we wanted to share a few key pointers so you can enjoy the best sleep possible when your new bed arrives.

Keep reading for important information on how to prepare for delivery day and what to expect in the first few weeks of sleeping on your new Saatva.

How to prepare for delivery day

Here are a few things to keep in mind before your mattress arrives.

Track your order at any time

You can check the status of your order at any time using our order tracker. Simply type in your order number and the email address associated with your order to see the status. If you don’t have your order number available or you’d prefer to speak with one of our customer service representatives, you can reach us at 1-800-672-2882. We’re here 24/7 to help.

Keep your phone handy

Once your mattress passes inspection and transfers to your local delivery center, our delivery team will call you to schedule a delivery day. The evening before your scheduled delivery day, our local partner will call and give you a four-hour delivery window. Make sure your voicemail box is clear so they can leave a message in case you miss their call.

Clear the path to your bedroom

Before your new mattress arrives, clear the path from your front door to the bedroom. Move anything that might be in the way so our delivery team can easily guide your Saatva mattress into your bedroom. You should also remove any decorations on walls or tables, such as picture frames, that could be bumped or broken during delivery and setup of your new mattress.

Remove the bedding from your old mattress

Saatva’s white glove delivery includes the removal of your old mattress and foundation for free (you must select this option at checkout). If you’ve requested this service, undress your old mattress and foundation before our delivery team arrives. Take off all bedding and covers from these items so our delivery team can remove them from your home when they get there.

Inspect your old mattress and foundation

Our delivery team can’t accept stained and/or damaged mattresses and foundations. So check to make sure yours are in good condition if you’ve requested removal. Note we also can’t take away any frames, including waterbed bases, standard metal bed frames, and Sleep Number bases.

What to expect from your new Saatva mattress

A new mattress needs some time to break in, and your body needs some time to adjust to a new sleep surface—especially if you haven’t replaced your mattress in a while. Watch the following video for the top three things to expect in the first few weeks of sleeping on your new Saatva mattress.

Your mattress needs time to soften up

All of our mattresses are made-to-order and arrive factory fresh. That means the high-quality materials inside them need a little bit of time to loosen up. You should notice your new mattress begin to soften up after a few days. You may even notice continuing improvement for up to a month. Learn more about the mattress break-in period here.

Your body may need time to adjust

If you’ve been sleeping on an old mattress for any period of time, your body likely got used to it, even if it wasn’t so great for your back. Because your Saatva provides proper spinal alignment, it’s actually helping your body get back into a healthy position.

Think about how it feels to stand up straight after being hunched over for a long time. That’s similar to what happens when you switch from an old, unsupportive mattress to one that keeps your spine in neutral alignment.

Take advantage of our 365-night home trial and give yourself the opportunity to acclimate to your new mattress. Read our guide to how a new mattress affects your back to learn more.

You may notice a slight scent on delivery day

Because all of our mattresses are made-to-order and arrive fresh from the factory, you may be aware of a slight scent on delivery day. What you’re picking up is the completely safe aroma of new materials, all of which are certified nontoxic. Like all new product smells, ours should dissipate in about 24 hours.

The bottom line: Take advantage of our 365-night home trial and give you and your mattress time to acclimate to each other. If you have any questions during your home trial, you can always reach us at 1-877-672-2882. Our customer service staff is available 24/7 to answer questions and address concerns.

We wish you many years of good sleep on your Saatva mattress.

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