How to Keep Your Fitted Sheet in Place: 9 Easy Ways to Keep Your Sheets From Slipping

There are various methods you can use to keep fitted sheets from coming off your bed. One way is to use sheet suspenders that attach to each corner of the fitted sheet and hold it in place. Another method is to use sheet clips or fasteners that grip onto the sheet and keep it secure. Alternatively, you can try tucking the fitted sheet more tightly under the mattress or using sheet straps that wrap around the mattress and hold the sheet in place. Additionally, purchasing fitted sheets with deep pockets or elastic all the way around the edge can also help keep them from slipping off.

One of the most annoying parts of the day can be making your bed. But it turns out it actually has a lot of great benefits, which is why it’s an essential part of many people’s morning routines.

Still, it can be frustrating to make your bed in the morning when your fitted sheets continue to slip off of the corner of the mattress.

Fortunately, there are a few hacks you can use to ensure your fitted bed sheet stays snug on your mattress throughout the night. These nine tips will make your bed-making a much easier task in the mornings.

1. Use sheet suspenders

Sheet suspenders are probably the most obvious solution to this issue. Sheet suspenders are a common and inexpensive way to ensure your sheets stay snug on your mattress.

Essentially, sheet suspenders are elastic straps that go on the bottom of your sheets and have locking mechanisms to ensure they stay in place. Usually, you put them at the corners of your mattress and attach them to your fitted sheet from there.

Sheet suspenders generally cost only a few dollars and are available from most large retailers and mattress stores. For more security on your covers, you can even find sheet suspenders that criss-cross underneath for a tighter fit.

2. Add an under-sheet to your bed

Another great way to stop your sheets from slipping around at night is to use an under-sheet.

These can be placed directly beneath your fitted sheet to create more friction between the mattress and the sheets. These are particularly useful for softer materials, like satin sheets or silk sheets.

The idea is to place a rougher textured sheet underneath your fitted sheet to help increase friction so the fitted sheet doesn’t slip.

You’ll want to look for warmer materials, like flannel or fleece, to use underneath your fitted sheet. If you tend to sleep hot, though, this option may not be the best for you.

3. Try non-slip rug corners

Rug corners are another good option to keep your sheets in place throughout the night. These are usually used to keep rugs in place with the help of a grip material.

You should place your rug corners on the bottom side of the sheet and ensure they lie flat against your mattress. This will help reduce slipping throughout the night.

You can find rug corners at just about any hardware store. They’re usually fairly inexpensive and easy to attach.

4. Attach safety pins

Another simple project you can take on to keep your bed sheets in place is to use a set of safety pins. Using safety pins is quick and easy.

You likely already have safety pins somewhere in your home. All you need to do is secure your sheets to the bottom of your mattress.

You’ll want to make sure your safety pins are lying flat at the bottom of your mattress or else they may become unpinned.

5. Put on the top corner of the fitted sheet first

How you put on your bed sheet can also have a lot to do with whether it stays on properly or not. The top corners are typically the hardest ones to handle.

Getting the top corners in place first will make it easier for the sheets to stay in place. That’s because the top corners are usually harder to stretch your sheets towards.

But if you still struggle to get your sheets to stay in place after they’re properly stretched underneath the mattress, you may need additional help from a product like elastic straps or sheet suspenders.

6. Be sure to buy the right size sheets

You might think you just have to buy the bed sheets that properly match up with the same size mattress you have. But you should also be considering pocket depth.

Pocket depth is the height of your mattress. Some mattresses that use pillow tops or mattress toppers may be a few inches taller than others, so your sheets will need to reflect that.

You should consider purchasing deep pocket sheets if you use anything that may make your mattress taller. You can measure the height of your mattress and start from there.

Most bed sheets will provide the proper dimensions and pocket depth for you.

7. Shop for zip sheets

You can also opt to purchase a set of sheets that have a zipper if you’re still struggling to keep them in place. These will zip around the edges of your mattress instead of using elastic bands.

It’s important to note that zippered sheets are less common to find—but they do come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials.

If you tend to move around a lot at night, a zippered set of sheets is a surefire way to keep them in place. The zipper itself generally will sit at the bottom of your mattress and stays well covered so it won’t bother you while you sleep.

8. DIY your own sheet straps

If you prefer simple DIY projects over purchasing a new product, sheet straps are a fairly easy thing to make yourself.

All you need to do is take some stretchy bandsthese can be rubber bands or elastic bandsand attach them to the corners of your fitted sheet. It’s a good idea to include a locking mechanism as well so you can easily remove the straps if necessary.

This is a fairly simple DIY project for you to take onespecially if you already know how to sew. It can be well worth it if you already have the necessary supplies in your home.

9. Add a mattress pad or mattress topper

As we’ve previously mentioned, creating friction between your bed sheets and your mattress is a great way to keep them from slipping. If an under-sheet doesn’t work for you, you can also accomplish this by using a mattress pad or mattress topper.


mattress pad
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is a quilted material that will cover the surface of your mattress. It can fit beneath your fitted sheet without adding too much height as mattress pads are usually fairly thin. A

mattress topper
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will add a little more cushion as they’re generally one to three inches thick.

Including a mattress pad or mattress topper can help softer materials stay in place better, so long as you have the proper sheet size. These are a great option for those looking to add additional friction to their mattress.

To see which is best for you, check out our article on the key differences between mattress pads vs. mattress toppers.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of sheets will be least likely to slip?

There are a variety of bed sheets on the market, and you may find that some materials are more prone to slip than others. Softer materials like satin, silk, and Egyptian cotton are highly likely to slip.

You may consider materials that are less soft (but still comfortable), which can help reduce slipping greatly. These include

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percale sheets
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, flannel sheets, and wool sheets. These materials all have some grip to them and are less prone to slipping.

What causes sheets to slip out of place?

Sheets usually slip if you don’t have the right pocket depth for your bed size. And, some softer materials are more prone to slip than others.

How can I keep my top sheet in place at night?

The hacks on this list will be most helpful for a fitted sheet, but top sheets can slip around at night as well. Luckily, there are a few ways you may be able to keep them in place.

Generally, we suggest tucking in the corners or tying knots on the side to help reduce the chance of your flat sheet slipping. Tucking hospital corners is another great way to keep it in place throughout the night.

Check out our guide to styling your bed for more tips on how to keep your bed nicely made.

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Keeping your fitted sheet from slipping around at night may seem like a difficult task at first, but our top nine hacks will make it much easier.

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