Blanket Sizes and Dimensions Guide (With Chart)

Choosing the right blanket size can be overwhelming, with options ranging from twin to king and various sizes for different purposes. This guide simplifies blanket sizes, offering a comprehensive chart including twin, full, queen, and king dimensions. It also covers decorative throw blankets such as lapghan, Afghan, and throw sizes as well as baby blanket sizes like lovey, cradle, preemie, and crib. 

When you need to cozy up and feel your warmest, there’s no doubt about it—there’s nothing quite like the comfort of a blanket.

But there are so many different blanket sizes out there that fit different needs—it’s no wonder you might feel a bit inundated as you try to choose a blanket for your bed or for your little one’s bed. After all, there are blankets for cribs all the way up to king-size blankets.

We’re here to cut through the overwhelm with this useful guide, which breaks down everything you need to know about blanket sizes—including a handy blanket size chart that’s sure to help you as you shop.

Blanket size chart

Below, you’ll find a blanket size chart that contains all of the most popular blanket sizes, from a twin blanket size to a queen blanket size to a king-size blanket and everything in between.

Blanket TypeDimensions (in)Dimensions (cm)
Twin65 x 90 in165 x 229 cm
Full85 x 90 in216 x 229 cm
Queen90 x 100 in229 x 254 cm
King108 x 100 in274 x 254 cm
Lapghan30 x 40 in76 x 102 cm
Afghan50 x 65 in127 x 165 cm
Throw50 x 60 in127 x 152 cm
Lovey12 x 12 in30 x 30 cm
Baby14 x 16 in36 x 41 cm
Cradle14 x 30 in36 x 76 cm
Preemie18 x 24 in46 x 61 cm
Stroller22 x 30 in or 30 x 36 in56 x 76 cm or 76 x 91 cm
Receiving18 x 18 in or 36 x 36 in46 x 46 cm or 91 x 91 cm
Crib36 x 45 in up to 45 x 60 in91 x 114 cm up to 114 x 152 cm

Standard blanket sizes for standard mattresses

Twin-size blanket dimensions

If you’re wondering what size is a twin blanket, you should know that it’s around 65″ x 90″. This provides 13 inches of blanket draped over each side of the 38″ x 75″ twin mattress. A twin blanket size can also be used on a twin XL bed. A twin bed is perfect for growing kids and teens or if you’re a single person looking to keep your budget and small space in mind.

Full-size blanket dimensions

As for full-size blanket dimensions, they come in at 85″ x 90″. This will work on a 54″ x 75″ full-size mattress. Also known as a double bed, a full bed is ideal for single sleepers or couples who like to sleep close to one another.

Queen-size blanket dimensions

Queen-size blanket dimensions measure 90″ x 100″, flawlessly fitting a 60″ x 80″ queen mattress. A little longer and wider than a full-size mattress, a queen bed is best for individuals who crave lots of room while sleeping—and it’s good for couples as well.

King-size blanket dimensions

A king-size blanket comes in at 108″ x 100″, which will amply cover a 76″ x 80″ king bed. You may want to choose a king-size blanket that’s on the longer side if you have a California king mattress, which measures 72 x 84. A king mattress is just the thing for couples who each need space to sleep or if you also sleep alongside children and pets.

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Decorative throw blanket sizes

Lapghan blanket size

The definition of a Lapghan blanket is right in its name—it’s a blanket that goes directly on one’s lap. It’s best suited for those who sit quite often or spend time in wheelchairs. It’s typically sized around 30″ x 40″.

Afghan blanket size

Usually knitted or crocheted (think of the blanket your grandmother likely draped on her sofa and bed), the Afghan blanket is making a retro comeback and is generally sized at 50″ x 65″.

Throw blanket size

Smaller than blankets used for a bed and perfect for cuddling up on the couch, a comfortable and decorative throw blanket has standard dimensions of 50″ x 60″.

Baby blanket sizes

Lovey blanket size

With its cute name, a lovey blanket is one that baby can cuddle with while sleeping, providing comfort and a bit of warmth. It’s sized to be small at 12″ x 12″.

Baby blanket size

Used for swaddling or as a security blanket, a baby blanket’s typical size is 14″ x 16″.

Cradle blanket size

Since a cradle is used for tiny, newborn babies, a cradle blanket is sized for where they’ll begin sleeping when you bring them home. Usually imprinted with sweet prints and colors, a cradle blanket is sized 14″ x 30″.

Preemie blanket size

Preemies, or babies born prematurely, are very prone to feeling cold, which is where a preemie blanket proves to be extremely helpful. Used in hospitals or at home, most preemie blankets are 18″ x 24″.

Stroller blanket size

Placed over the opening of a stroller to keep little ones warm and dry or to cuddle up with when they feel sleepy, a stroller blanket size can vary, at 22″ x 30″ or 30″ x 36″ if you prefer a larger size.

Receiving blanket size

A receiving blanket is an all-purpose, helpful blanket that’ll be especially useful when your baby is a newborn. It’s a thin blanket that’s frequently used for swaddling and burping, often coming in packs and measuring 36″ x 36″ for a large size or 18″ x 18″ for a small size.

Crib blanket size

Rectangular in shape and meant to fit crib-size mattresses, a crib blanket size depends on the size of the mattress. The sizing can vary, from 36″ x 45″ to 45″ x 60″.


What are the standard sizes for blankets?

Standard sizes for blankets are the ones that fit standard mattresses. These standard blanket sizes come in larger than the mattress itself to allow for draping the blanket at the sides. Each individual standard blanket fits a twin, full, queen, or king-size mattress.

What size is a 60 x 80 blanket?

This size would fit just the top of a queen mattress, which measures 60 x 80. Since you’ll want extra fabric to drape over the sides, this size would be better suited as a large throw blanket.

What size is a 50 x 60 blanket?

A 50 x 60 blanket is also known as a throw blanket, which is a decorative and comfy blanket you can keep on a sofa or at the end of your bed.

What is a queen-size blanket?

The standard queen blanket size is 90 x 100, a size that will allow the blanket to adequately fall over the edges of your mattress.

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